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Workout Date: 6-28-17

Seven posted for the second workout at F3 Birmingham’s second AO.  Hoover Sad Clowns are yet to post, but we remain confident that they are on their way.  It was a beautiful morning and the school grounds that had been freshly groomed.

WARM UP (on the AstroTurf)

  • IC Shoulder Rotations each way
  • IC Imperial Walkers
  • IC Ray Lewis
  • 25 OYO LBCs
  • IC Helly Dolly
  • Bird Dog (a yoga like thing to hold, switch sides, hold….)
  • 10 OYO Squat Jumps


We took a moderately-paced run as a small pack down to the lower school sized track and looped it twice.  Then back up the sweet AstroTurf arena.


We ran though a deck of Bond Girls playing cards with each suite representing the following exercises:

  1. IC Raise the Roof (two reps per count)
  2. SC Merkins
  3. IC Side Straddle Hop (two reps per count)
  4. SC Prisoner Squats

Each cards face value represented the rep total.  Jacks were 11, Queen 12, King 13 and Ace 14.  Jokers were 10 OYO Burpees as directed by Paper Boy.  This starts out as a moderate exercise.  Sometime into it and at the end of the 20-25 minutes, you know you’ve done some work.  There were no breaks apart from maybe on or two 10 counts.  For the single count exercises, you end up doing 104 reps.  For the IC exercises, 208 reps.  Total reps for the deck: 624.

YHC was sweating pretty good through this one.  Blurry sweat-filled eyes caused me to see a second Joker what wasn’t.  But we powered through and did a 3rd set of Burpees anyway.  The entertainment came at the end, when we conveniently had only 2 mins left until 6:15.  YHC called out The Donald, who with near perfect attendance record (he’s missed either 1 or 2 workouts since 5/6), should be thinking hard about a VQ soon.  When asked to call out an exercise, he went ballsy and ordered Diamond Merkins. Once in position, a tired YHC asked “how many?” to which he replied with the quote of the day “I’ll tell you when to stop”.  Well, he didn’t.  So we finished the morning with Diamond Merkins to exhaustion.  YHC stopped around 25.  The Donald (a.k.a. Sandbagger) kept going until we all caved.

It was a good morning.  I bored the PAX as usual with a few of my announcements.  There was a prayer request by Paper Boy for someone close to him and at my request Tinactin prayed over us (pro style).  Gloom Mountain could still use F3 Birmingham PAX support over the next couple of weeks.  Thanks to HIM Rabbit for coming to us both days in between his fairly serious (ask him about it) GoRuck training schedule.

Come out to check out the cool facility we are using at Gloom Mountain and I think you will find it to be a fun change of pace.


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