FILTHY 50’s – 6.29.17


Grundl on VQ —  For the second time of the week, the blocks came back out for a partner workout.  Things got dirty.

PAX – WILDIRE!, SCAM, BamBam, Cinco, Choo Choo, Hi Vis, Whammo, Namaste, THE Donald, Saluki, Switzer, Slider, Peanut, Happy, Sparrow, Rabbit, Grundl FNGs: Cessna, Nauvoo

Warm up:

Run one lap
SSH x 30
Merkin x 15
Squats x 15
LBC’s x 15
OH block lunge x 5
Block thruster x 5
American block swings x 5

PAX partnered up for FILTHY50’s:
For each of the following exercises, the groups of two performed a total of 50 reps, rotating as necessary.  For the reps to count, the other partner was in a forearm plank position.  Q announced 2 exercises at a time.  All PAX groups finished a given couplet before Q gave the next set of exercises.

PAX performed the first exercise, sprinted across the field to perform second exercise, then back.

OH block lunge
Sit ups

Over the block burpee
Strict block press

Box jumps (at amphitheater), scale = step ups
Hand release merkins (chest to deck then hand release)

American brick swing
Sit ups

Block thruster
American hammer w/ block

Finale:  SCAM insisted the day was not over until we did sprints!
Entire PAX – 50 yd sprints x 4


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