Mt. Gloom July 3rd, 2017

Q – Happy

11 Pax with 1 FNG (Merc) hit Mt. Gloom this morning in Hoover. We started with a mosey run with 2 laps around the track. Then went into the warm-up.

Side-straddle hops – 20
Ray Lewis’s – 20
Imperial Walkers – 20
Prisoner Squats – 20
We then mosey’d to the base of Mt. Gloom. After a quick discussion of the logistics we settled on a Black Jack Jacob’s Ladder on the hill. 2 LBC’s at the top, 19 Burpee’s at the base; we then counted up on the LBC’s by 2 and down on the Burpee’s by 2 with each run up and down the hill, making sure to add up to 21 with each “set”. This was hard, the humidity didn’t help but Saluki entered beast mode and crushed the hill.
We mosey’d around the track for another lap and then back to the turf.
Imperial Squat Walkers – 20
Diamond Merkins (Led by the Donald) – Too many to count
Hello Dolly – 20
Iron Tribe Sit-ups – 20
Pax present included: Tinactin, Barney Fife, the Donald, Sloss, Paper Boy, Choo Choo, Rabbit, Saluki, Pickle, Happy, and FNG Merc.
Good work-out for the day before July 4th. Good representation from the Homewood AO. We welcomed our first Hoover FNG who showed great hustle and stuck through it.

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