Gloom Mountain July 5

9 PAX showed up at 0530.  Started out with 30 Side-straddle hops, followed by 20 Squats and a 2 lap Indian Run.  We then did a paired exercise where one partner did 10 pull-ups while the other did 10 dips – 5 sets each.  Once a group finished, we held a plank until everyone was finished.  Once finished we performed about 30 declined diamond ‘mericans in cadence.  We then did a square exercise in a court where we did bear crawls, lunges, crawl bears, and lungs.  Afterwards we introduced “Get Lucky” in which we held an “Al Gore” squat until Daft Punk feat. Pharrell said “get lucky,” at which time we did a ‘merican, then immediately went to and held the Al Gore until “get lucky” was mentioned again.  After that we introduced Hollow Hustle, which is a sprint up and down a mountain.  To finish off, we held planks (front and both sides), did more ‘mericans, and dips.

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