Mt. Gloom July 10th

It was a great morning at Mt. Gloom as 10 men answered the call. 9 veteran pax and 1 FNG (Welcome Rudder) showed up at 5:30 at Gwin to try and get a little better. Happy was the Q and we were all still feeling a little beat up from the Vulcan run from over the weekend.


Side-straddle Hops – 20

Prisoner Squats – 20

Merkins – 20

Imperial Walkers – 20

We then mosey’d to the track and did 2 laps to get the heart beats up a bit

The Circuit

Using the track as our guide, we did 4 circuits around the track. For each circuit, we would do 20 exercises to start, 15 in the next corner of the track, 10 in the next corner, 5 in the third corner and then sprint back to the beginning. Those in front were rewarded with planking until the six made it back to the beginning. Saluki, Choo Choo and Jiffy gave a lesson on fitness with this one

Merkins – 20, 15, 10, 5

Squats – 20, 15, 10, 5

Diamond Merkins – 20, 15, 10, 5

Quick rest in between circuits 3 & 4 with a Hollow Hustle sprint up the hill and back

LBC’s – 20, 15, 10, 5

The Cool Down

Mosey’d for one more lap around the track and then back to the turf

Side-Straddle Hops – 15

Ray Lewis’s – 15

Imperial Squat Walkers – 15

Flutter Kicks – 15

Donald Diamond Merkins – The Donald crushed the rest of the Pax with 45 single count Merkins (I couldn’t do any more past 22).

Circle of Trust

We welcomed Rudder to the Pax. He did great and led the charge during some of the Circuit. I think we’ll be seeing him again.

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