Vulcan July 17, 2017


24 men answered the call at 5:30 am on this beautiful mid-July morning.  There was a lot of sweat, a few tears and everybody got better.  No FNGs this morning.

Warm-Up – Around the Flag

SSH x 30

Prisoner Squats x 25

LBCs x 30

Flutter Kicks x 20

Mosey’d to the 30 x 30 yd cone box for dynamic warmup of high knees, butt kicks, Frankensteins

30 x 30 Yard Cone Box

30 yard sprint->side shuffle left->backpedal->side shuffle right   x 3 (360 yards)

Partners – wheelbarrow 30 yards (25 squats), switch wheelbarrow back (25 squats), did that twice.  60 yards of wheelbarrow and 100 squats each

Partners – carry partner 30 yards (25 merkins), switch carrier back (25 merkins) – 50 merkins each

Partners – 30 yards – one doing bear crawl, the other a two-legged hop, switch coming back.  Did that twice

Yoga Interlude led by Namaste (not so relaxing) – alternating plank, yoga merkins and downdog

Team A/Team B – 30 yard up and back gassers x 5.  Alternating teams

Team A/Team B – entire team holds a plank while one member at a time runs 30 yards up/back carrying 30 lb dumbbell.  It was about a 3 minute plank


Team A – Homewood Park lap Indian run/ Team B dips on the wall until they return.  Switch

Team A – Homewood Park lap Indian run/ Team B step ups on the wall until they return.  Switch

Mosey’d back to the flag

Turnbuckle called out individual pax to lead reps:

Scrum – Ray Lewis x 10

The Donald – diamond merkins x 20

Hi-Vis – imperial walkers x 10

Weber – big boy situps x 10

Turnbuckle – squat jumps x 15/10/5

Circle of Trust – Hi-Vis led a closing prayer.  Thoughts are with Choo Choo

Pax: Turnbuckle, Scrum, Namaste, Fanny Pack, Sparrow, Quickcrete, Switzer, The Donald, Wildfire, Romeo, Cocky, Hawkeye, Gomer, Dispatch, Pickle, Cinco, Rabbit, Gump, Bird Dog, Saluki, Dubose, Hi-Vis, Weber, Choo Choo






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