Gloom Mountain- Magical Beat Down July 17, 2017

Magical Beat Down: Disney Inspired from Q’s Recent Vacation


#gloommountain 7/17/17


The Who


Q: Tinactin

Edge, Happy, Barney Fife, Jiffy, Pickle, Saluki, Whammo

Little wet from the rain. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right.




Imp Walkers




Disney Fun # 1: Astro Orbiter

  • 1 Mile Indian Run on the Track – All PAX sprinted the last lap. Good smoke on this one.

Disney Fun #2: Splash Mountain (Not the good kind of splash…)

  • PAX lined up on the top of small hill beside the track. ~20 yards

Crawl Bear Down. Bear Crawl Back Up. Plank to Wait. Rinse and Repeat x’s 3.

  • After almost bailing on the run, F3 Pickle turned it up for the bear crawl! No splashing…

Disney Fun #3: Royal Carrousel

  • One PAX sprinted around 320M track while other PAX did Burnouts. Departing PAX called the workout.
  • Once a PAX got back the next runner started another workout. That PAX sprinted.

Lots of smoke.

  • The Burnout: Squats, Diamond Merkins, Dive Bombers, LBC’s, Hop Lunges, Burpees, Big Boy Sit Ups, SSH

Disney Fun #4: Dumbo

  • Same as the Carrousel except one PAX did side handled dips x 10 OYO on the playground while other PAX did Burnouts. Round and round we went.
  • The Burnout: Merkins, Decline Merkins, LBC’s, Lunges, Burpees, Dips, Mini-Dolly’s (almost like a sideways flutter kicks, moving legs out and in, feet switching places each rep)

Disney Fun #5: Tower of Terror

  • Solid round of Mary with a total ab burnout
  • LBC’s, flutter kicks, twister, hello dolly, and wrapped it up with 60 Count Squats in Cadence – tons of smoke, some PAX fell out of the tower


  • Finished with a count, announcements and a shout-out. Always praying to be better men.




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