Gloom Mountain July 19, 2017


6 PAX posted this am at Gloom Mountain

Q:  The Donald

McCants (from NC), Barney Fife, Edge, Blind Side, Pickle

Warm Up


Mountain Climbers

Prisoner Squats

Plank Dips

Iron Tribe Sit-ups

Alternating Shoulder Taps

The Meat

Run up Gloom Hollow, over to Simmons Middle School, and back to Gwin

Decline ‘Mericans

Wheel Barrel up Gloom Hollow, taking a break half way up to do 20 ‘Mericans.  Switched and continued up Gloom Hollow.  Crawl Bears on return trip to foot of Gloom Hollow.

Lap around track to catch our breath, followed by American Hammers and Dive Bombers.

Relaxed with Frankie:  While listening to that awesome 80s iconic song “Relax” by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, we held a plank until Frankie says “relax,” at which time we did ‘Mericans (about 20 ‘Mericans in all).

Last Exercise:  30 more ‘Mericans to complete the 45 minutes.

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