August 10, 2017 – Vulcan

34 PAX answered the call and killed it on a early August morning at Homewood Park @f3thevulcan. Every man got better as they enjoyed relatively “dry”conditions.  We welcomed FNG Slumlord and our visitor, Heehaw from St. Simons Island, GA.


SSH (IC) x 25

Prisoner Squats (IC) x 25

Merkins (IC) x 25

LBCs (OYO) x 25

Quick Lap around the park track


Partner carry 30 yards – 25 Merkins each/carry back 25 Merkins each->Switch carrier (100 Merkins total)

Partner wheelbarrow 30 yards – 25 Squats each/wheelbarrow back 25 squats each-> Switch carrier (100 Squats total)

Human sled – up and back x2


Alternating 30 yard gassers up/back (60 yards) x 5

Plank line – each man runs 30 lb weight down 30 yards and back while everybody on team holds plank

Indian Crawl – mountain climbers, back man bear crawls to front

YOGA INTERLUDE – courtesy of Namaste (relaxing…not) 4 minutes of poses


Odds do dips while Evens sprint – Switch


Squat Jumps->Screaming bear crawl to the flag

COT – Message: we don’t deserve anything, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to be out there.  Many would love to, but are not able–and some just don’t know.  Don’t feel sorry for yourself.  Hi Vis took us out with a prayer.  1-2-3 Lead!

PAX:  Tommy Lee, Cinco, Rabbit, Skeletor, Dubose, HeeHaw, Wildfire, Sparrow, Bird Dog, Namaste, Brick, Skull Bucket, Grundl, Cocky, Strip Search, Peaches, Hugh, Pilgrim, Drought, Bambam, Gomer, Scam, Hi Vis, Breach, Scrushy, Needle, Shilling, Slider, Turnbuckle (couldn’t hear some of the names on my phone)


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