August 14, 2017-The Spartan

20 PAX including 2 FNGs braved the Gloom in the inaugural workout for The Spartan AO in Mountain Brook, AL. Thanks to strong support from The Vulcan AO for helping kick off the new AO with a major impact.

-25 SSH.
-20 Irontribe Sit-up.
-15 Second toe touch, each leg.
-25 Prisoner Squat.
-Plank The Clock. Starting straight-arm plank at “12-o’clock.” Hold 15 second intervals moving from 12 – 3 – 6 – 9 – 12. Both arms plank at 12-o’clock; raise right arm at 3-o’clock, holding on your left; both arms at 6-o’clock; raise left arm at 9-o’clock, holding on your right; both arms back at 12-o’clock.

The Spartan AO name is in reference to the Greek city of Sparta, and their lifelong commitment to discipline and military style training. The greatest mountain in the region surrounding Sparta is Mt. Taygetus (pictured). We don’t have a towering mountain like Taygetus near this AO, but we can SEEK our own mountains – most often, they are right in front of us, and maybe not appearing as a heap of land.

As a group, mosey up “Mt. Watkins” for a steep 2/3 mile run. Return to the Flag.

-50 Mountain Climbers – 25 each leg
-Six Inches to Empty. 15 seconds of both legs off the ground, starting at the 3-o’clock position, like a full tank of gas. Next, move to the 3/4 tank position, then to the 1/2 tank position, then 1/3 tank position, then all the way to the 9-o’clock position representing an “Empty” gas tank.
-Merkins: alternating 1 Diamond, 1 Wide Arm, 1 Diamond, 1 Wide Arm….to 10 each.

Partnered Up for a version of “The People’s Chair” as taken from The Fort AO in Rock Hill, SC (shoutout to Andy “Peabody” York). Increasing reps like going up a Mtn.

-Pt. 1 Wall Sit while Pt. 2 does 10 Burpees. SWITCH.
-Pt. 1 Wall Sit while Pt. 2 does 20 Carolina Dry Dock (CDD) merkins (on all fours, butt in the air like a “V” then a downward merkin). SWITCH.
-Pt. 1 Wall Sit while Pt. 2 does Prisoner Squats. SWITCH.
-Pt. 1 Wall Sit while Pt. 2 does 40 Flutter Kicks, 20 each leg (“You’re. Not. Riding. A. Bike!”).
-Pt. 1 Wall Sit while Pt. 2 does 50 Calf Raises. SWITCH.

As a group, Mosey into downtown Mtn. Brook Village – Flag in hand. Replicate exercises, this time with decreasing reps like going down a Mtn. As a group:

-50 Calf Raises.
-40 Flutter Kicks, 20 each leg.
-30 Prisoner Squats.
-20 CDD
-10 Burpees

Mosey as a group 1/3 mile back to the School to finish up. Stretch each leg, 15 seconds, Willie Mays 10 each leg. Circle up for touch-two and Lead.
Men got better.

Bird Dog

Present were Saluki, Gump, Scrushy, Scam, Elmer, Wildfire, Rebar, Batter, The Ponz, Peanut, Cocky, Hugh, Skeletor, Rabbit, Commie, Bird Dog, and FNGs Chesney, Brookie, and one other FNG who left prior to name-a-rama

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