Gloom Mountain – Sept 6th. Get Swoll with Death by Merkins

10 men hit Gloom Mountain this morning for a little pre-dawn workout. YHC met the group around the shovel flag at 0515 and we welcomed an unaccompanied FNG, now known as Knots, to our group.

Warm-up: We mosey’d to the turf and started our standard warmup

Side-straddle hops – 20

Squats – 20

Mountain Climbers – 20

Merkins – 20

We then jogged a lap to make sure the blood was flowing before heading back to the parking lot to begin the meat of the work-out.

Incline Merkins – 20

Decline Merkins – 20

Dips – 20

We then mosey’d back to the turf for a little relay race. The group was split in half and for some reason, the fastest five guys were on one team and the slowest five on the other. We then did a relay race down and back across the turf while the others held a plank. The losing team, which included YHC, then was rewarded with 20 burpees. The other guys just did some LBCs. We finished the racing round with a round of 10 Jack Webbs.

We then hit the track again for a 2 lap indian run, followed by pull-ups and dips on the playground, 20 a piece. Once completed, the light was finally starting to the hit the mountain so we cooled off with a Jacob’s Ladder on Gloom Mountain.

10 Merkins at the base, followed by a run up the mountain and back, 8 Merkins and a repeat run, following this pattern until we were down to 0.

Once everyone had spent some time on the hill, we mosey’d back to the turf and finished with “Death by Merkins” led by none other than the Donald. I think he got to 50. I only got to 24.

Name-O-Rama and the naming of our newest PAX at Gloom Mountain, F3 Knots. He put in a strong effort and I have a feeling he will be back for more.

Off to San Francisco for the weekend, se you guys next week.

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