September 11, 2017-The Spartan for Bird Dog


13 PAX including 1 FNG and 1 traveler from F3 Twin Cities (Gatling) honored the anniversary of 9/11 in the Gloom at Spartan AO. Never forget the tragedy and heroism of that day; no one knew when they woke in the Gloom that Tuesday would be their day. Let us seize this day and meet the “hard” in life.


25 SSH.

Straight leg stretch, each leg.

20 Willie Mays stretch.

10 second Hip Flexor

25 LBCs.

11 Diamond Merkin.

25 LBCs.

9 Old School “Up Downs.”


Mosey into the dark on the Jemison Trail w/ headlamps. Creek crossing over rocks.


Meet up at the Jemison Trail historical monument for brother-up work:

-100 combined Merkins / 100 Irontribe situps

-Up Overhill Road carrying your brother piggyback. 25 steps each man, 50 steps walking between switching. All the way to the top.

-300 combined little baby arm rolls / 300 bicycle situps


Mosey ½ mile back to Spartan and the Flag.

-11 Diamond Merkins w/ 1 second hold at the ground.

-25 Flutter Kicks

-11 Merkins w/ 5 second hold at the ground.

-25 Flutter Kicks / 11 second hold at the end.


Touch two around the Flag.

The world is in need of men with purpose – and we should be ready to recognize and seize the chance to be a man of purpose. Many people are waking up to a different world today – after Hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Let us show empathy for others.




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