The Forum – September 12, 2017 – T-Swift Hill Run

6 PAX braved the post Irma rain and cold to get better. T-Swift made a celebrity appearance at the end to help with planks.

SSH x 25
Ray Lewis x 25
Merkins x 15
LBC’s x 50
Squats x 15

Mosey to the track for a 1.5 lap Indian run and end at the stairs
Stair Run

2 PAX run the stairs while other 4 PAX do mix of plank, merkins, American hammer, and reverse crunch.  PAX rotate after each stair run

1st stair run – every step

2nd stair run – skip a step

3rd stair run- skip two steps

4th stair run – hop each step

Mosey to the Vestavia Hill
Run down the hill
Diamond Merkins x15
Imperial walkers x 15

Run back up Vestavia Hill and mosey back to the flag

Diamond merkins x 10
Incline merkins x 10
Decline merkins x 10
LBC’s x 50
Big Boy Sit ups x 15
Flutter kicks x 15 in cadence, hold, x 10 in cadence
Merkin/squat – 9 merkins/1 squat, 8 merkins/2 squats… to 1 merkin/9 squats

4 minute plank T-Swift’s “Look What You Made Me Do”

PAX: Blue Angel, The Donald, Hawkeye, Default, Guy, and Ping

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