House of Pain 09/14/2017

9 PAX showed up for House of Pain Q this morning:

Pyramid, Ping, Edge, Barney Fife, Needle, Default, Amazon, Wham-O, and The Donald

40 Raise the Roofs

40 Ray Lewises

40 SSHs

25 Big Boy Sit-ups

30 Dive Bombers

1 lap Indian Run with 30 lb coupon

Mucho Chesto:  10 regular ‘mericans, 10 wide grip ‘mericans, 10 diamond ‘mericans, 10 staggered ‘mericans (right), 10 staggered ‘mericans (left)

Dips on curb

15 Grasshopper ‘Mericans

Circle of Pain:  10 rep squat exercise while circulating 2 coupons (person holding coupon did military presses instead of squats).  Each person held each coupon at least twice, so we did A LOT of squats.

Another 1 lap Indian Run without coupon

Held low plank for 1 minute

Jump Around by House of Pain:  plank/’merican exercise while listening to Jump Around

Next Q’s choice:  plank exercise consisting of regular, low, and side planks

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