9/11 Q at Gloom Mountain

Gloom Mountain Workout- 9/11/17

Jean-Luc has the face palm covered for you, but go ahead and boo if so inclined.  I deserve it.  YHC did Q Gloom Mountain on 9/11 and this late BB is to counter the F3 maxim “if there is no backblast, the workout never happened”.  Had I taken 10 minutes to write this up on that day, I’d have recalled precisely which other 7 men stepped up and posted in the incoming tropical storm.  No more tardy backblasts for me.

NO WARM UP (nobody got a warm up on September 11, 2001)

Mosey to the fire station 
To honor first responders we set up right in front of the fire truck bay doors…

10 SC (good form!) Merkins
IC Flutter Kicks
10 SC Merkins
IC Rosalita
10 SC Merkins
IC Copperhead Squats
10 SC Diamond Merkins
IC Shoulder Taps
10 SC Single-leg Merkins

Mosey to Simmons Middle School
Lined up at the bottom of front parking lot and with instructions to not run alone (partners not necessary, but don’t be alone)…
Bear crawl halfway up to the parking lot stairs,
then carry another nearby PAX the rest of the way and up the stairs,
then jog down the other side of parking lot
Rinse and repeat. We did a few of these with no defined number of round trips, but rather for a set amount of time.

Mosey to the wall in front of Simmons with benches
9 SC Decline Merkins
11 SC Dips
Repeat 4x (a round for each plane full of lives lost on 9/11
To recover, People’s Chair against the wall.

Mosey to Gwin Elementary playground
11 pull ups (aid another PAX if needed…nobody needed help)

Mosey to the track and field
Sprint/Walk (sprint the full length of the field as a unit/walk back together
We repeated multiple rounds of these, again with no set number of trips, but rather for a set amount of time. YHC read about this exercise somewhere and enjoyed trying it out.  I think it’s a keeper.

That was most of it. We may have done a few more Merkins before wrapping up at the flag. We discussed 9/11 a bit during the morning and remembered those who lose their lives on that day and the MANY who have sacrificed in the wars ever since that day.

Thank you to the PAX who left their homes that morning to workout with their brothers outside in the oncoming TS Irma.

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