9/30/17 – Duck Walk Jousting

YHC (Happy) has put his legs up and is watching football; basking in the soreness that comes with pushing oneself for a full hour of cardio and musculoskeletal pain. This workout was pre-empted by a pre-workout ruck up to the Vulcan (1.5 miles each way) performed by Fife, Fanny Pack, Cocky, Commie, the Donald, Happy, and Default. Upon return, YHC was warmed up and raring to get started.


SSH – 20

Ray Lewis’s – 20

Imperial Walker’s – 20

Squat’s – 20

Mountain Climber’s – 20

At this point, we counted off and discovered that we had a group of 42 men looking to get swoll and improve themselves a bit. We split into 4 semi-equal groups and decided to Indian Run down to the hill leading to Homewood Middle School (3500 feet). To make it interesting, each group did 20 Merkins at each stop sign encountered between the Mothership and the Hill (5 stop signs, I think). We encountered multiple runners from the Birmingham Running Club running against our current of manliness, but persevered. Group 4 (my group) was the last group to make it to the base of the hill, so for punishment we did 20 Burpees at the base of the hill. We then proceeded to do a Jacob’s Ladder with Burpee’s and Big Boy Sit Ups adding up to 21. To be fair, Groups 1 and 2 got the short end of this stick as they started with 21 Burpees up top and we had to stop about half way through the exercise secondary to running out of time.  We then regrouped and did Indian Runs back to the Mothership. A point of self-criticism, I thought that these Indian Runs would be a little more disciplined and tight, instead we had a chaotic mad dash back to the security of our origination park. We planked while we waited for the sixes that headed up the rear. Once we had regrouped, we did a set of 10 Jack Webb’s. With arm’s appropriately gassed, 20 squats were followed by 20 Burpees since the Gloom Mountain flag hit the dirt.

Sensing that the morale of the Pax was beginning to wane, I decided lead the group in the first duck jousting battle royale. The men lined up and duck walked to the middle. Every man was for himself and the last man standing was none other than Pickle (It was a tough battle between him and the Donald at the end). Those men that had previously been vanquished held a plank while we watched the two epic combatants lay it all on the line. We Mosey’d back to the flags and finished the work-out with a round of Mary. Flutter kicks, Big Boy Sit Ups and American Hammers.

Work-out Ended

Name-O-Rama, welcomed 4 FNG’s (Tater, Spreadsheet and two whose names I can’t remember at the moment)


Coffeeteeria – 17 guys showed up, a record for us.

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