Yoke Walk @ Gloom Mountain – 10/9/2017

7 PAX yoke walked up Gloom Mountain on what may be the most hot and humid morning of any October I can remember.

Warm up
SSH x 30
Little baby arm circles x 15 front and back
Merkins x 15
LBC’s x 50
3 lap Indian run


Gloom Mountain Yoke Walk
2 PAX each grab a heavy log and hold it over head (or on shoulders), while they each run, jog, or walk up Gloom Mountain.  The other PAX will be alternating between various merkins and various ab workouts.

Rotate PAX and send two more up Gloom Mountain when other two PAX return.

When the two PAX return down Gloom Mountain, they will each grab a lighter log and do calf raises with log across shoulders


Split PAX into two groups
Indian Log Carry up Gloom Mountain
First PAX passes log and sprints to front of line
Proceed until group reaches top of Gloom Mountain, then one PAX volunteers to yoke walk log back down with group in tow

Incline lunges
Incline bounds
Flutter kicks
American hammer x 25 each side

Cool Down
Plank to “Be Our Guest”
Full body stretch

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