Maxing out on Mercans and Running

Q:  The Donald

PAX:  Barney Fife, Happy, Edge, Snare, Whammo, Saluki, Tinactin, Sloss, Knots, and Default

Warmed-up with 40 SSHs and immediately ran to back wall at Simmons.

15 wall decline Mercans.  Ran to front of school.

20 dips.  Ran to back of school.

15 more wall decline Mercans.  Ran back to Gwin.

20 more dips.

Circuit Circle (2X).  Rotating around PAX, we did the following:  military presses, Mercans, curls, back rows, squats.

3 lap Indian Run.

Power Mercans (2X), 10 reps each.

Death by Diamonds

Finished with a wall-sit.



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