Schoolyard to Schoolyard – The Forum – 10/19/2017

8 PAX hit the Hills of Vestavia hard this morning and we’re better for it

Knots, Headgear, Guy, Barney Fife, The Donald, Amazon, Commie, Ping

Warm up
SSH x 20
Willie Mays x 16
Frankenstein x 10

The Hills
Run from Wald Park, across 31, down to Central Elementary field (back of school)
(Q carries two 5 lb weights for the run down)

At Central Elementary Field
Pull ups x 15
Diamond Merkins x 15
LBC’s x 50
Bench Dips x 15
Quick jog with 10 SSH after and back

10 lb Indian run back up to Wald Park with pain stops at the each hill
PAX in back runs with two 5 lb weights and exchanges to PAX in front, then sprints to front of line.

Run back up first hill
American Hammer x 50

Run back up second hill
Raise the roof x 30

Run across 31 to bottom of third hill
Merkins x 15
Big boy sit ups x 15

Run up third hill back to Wald Park
Burpees x 10
Peter Parker x 20
Plank to “You’ve got a friend in me”
Incline merkins x 10
Merkin/Squat ladder 10/1, 9/2…1/10

Cool down
Sunrise yoga stretch

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