The Spartan – Oct. 30, 2017

12 PAX posted for Elmer’s VQ on the first frosty morning of the fall.  Welcome FNG’s, Carpetbagger and McQueen!  Rabbit, Tar Baby, Scrushy, Bird Dog, Bagman, Skeletor, Pot Hole, Geek, Peaches and Blue Angel…..


Sidestraddle hop: x 30

Imperial Walker x 30

Raise the roof x-Cadence fail

LBC’s x 25 OYO

Stretching to loosen up the legs and back.

Jog to triangle park, down Canterbury Road and back to the MBE playground.

Split up into 3 groups for station workouts:

Station 1 “The Playground”

Inverted Row x 10

Swerkin x 10

Station 2 “The Flag Pole”

Dips x 20

American Hammer x 30

Station 3 “The Loading Doc”

Box Jump Burpees x 10

Squats x 20

Finish Together:


From Mercan – Twist and reach hand to sky (name?)

LBC’s x 25



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