Pain and Gain – Gloom Mountain – 11/13/2017

12 PAX showed up ready for Pain and Gain at Ping’s Gym.  Music proved by Har Megiddo.

Willie Mays x 20
Merkins x 20
Little baby arm circles x 15 front and back

Ping’s Pain and Gain
Each station for 30 seconds as long as time allows.  PAX set up in a circle with bench press in the middle.

1. Bench press with 45 lb plate
2. Dumbell curls 25 lb each arm
3. SSH
4. American hammers 25 lb plate
5. Burpees
6. Overhead shoulder press 45 lb bar
7. LBC’s
8. Bent over row 45 lb plate
9. Tricep extension 10 lb plate each arm
10. Side/front shoulder lift 15lb dumbbells
11. Bear crawl around circle of PAX
12. Calf raises 35 lb plate overhead

3 minute plank

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