Thanksgiving Monday Blues

16 PAX posted the Monday after Thanksgiving and the IRON BOWL for a typical Slumlord BEATDOWN.  To give kudos to the Auburn win, all exercises were performed to 26 counts while resting on the 14 count.


SSH x26

Imperial Walkers x26

Mountain Climbers x26

The Thang:

One mile indian run to Western Supermarket

Burpee tabata x26 (13 minutes of burpees – 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for a total count of 26)

Flutter kicks (x26)

Parking lot sprints (x26)

Mosey back to MBE:

Circle up

Alphabet (lay on your back and extend legs straight out, spelling the 26 letters of the alphabet with your legs)

Nam-o-rama, announcements, CoT

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