Hills and Thrills=The Spartan December 11, 2017

PAX: Rabbit, Breach, Matlock, Skull Bucket, Bagman, Stuntman, Blue Angel, Pothole, Guy, Sparrow

Warmup:  SSH x 30; Imperial Walker x 30; Prisoner Squats x 30; LBCs x 30; Merkins x 30

Run to Watkins, uphill to Overhill and then down to Canterbury Park (0.8 mi)

In the park: Dips x 30; Flutter kicks x 30

Run down to the village (0.4 mi)

In the village: Flutter kicks x 30; 8-Count Body Builders x 10

To Derm Hill for Dora:  100 Merkins; 100 Big Boy Situps

Run back to MBE (0.3 mi)

Finish with Flutter Kicks x 50!


Announcements, prayer by Sparrow, and dismissed






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