Foggy Forum Fun For F3 Fanatics 12/29/17

14 PAX posted on Tuesday in the 60 degree gloomy fog – two days before the winter solstice.  A lot of guys were looking extra cheery this time of year.  Workout was as follows:


SSH x25

Imperial squat walkers x25

Little baby arm circles x15 (reverse it x15)

Black snake Indian run on track around the baseball fields

Mosey to tennis courts for……………


BLIMPS (acronym – see below)

Burpees x20

Lunges x30 each leg

Imperial walkers x40

Merkins x50

Plank jacks x60

Squats x70

In between each BLIMPS workout, we do a suicide run the width of the four tennis courts.

Count off into groups of four, recover and mosey to baseball field.

Home plate does 50 plank jumps

1st base does 50 WW1 sit-ups

2nd base does 50 squat jumps

3rd base does 75 merkins

Each group completes the exercise at all bases and reverse bear crawls from one base to the other in between exercises.

Mosey back to parking lot

Name-o-rama, announcements*, CoT

*Fife brought to our attention that it is probably best that we stay OFF of the baseball fields for future workouts.  The Forum has been good to us – let’s be good to it.



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