FNG Day Invitation


The New Year is upon us…just like those extra 10 lbs. from the holiday holdover!

There is a solution to that problem. But it’s not a resolution, or a gym membership, or a costly personal trainer. No, you are receiving this because at one time you expressed interest (or maybe someone just believed you’d be interested;) in the free national, workout group for men that came to our city in May 2017 with one location in Homewood: F3. That group has now spread to over 5 city-wide locations with over 250 men joining up all over Birmingham. And it’s still growing.

Now pause. Whatever thought just came into your head, whatever excuse, know that we’ve heard them all. In fact, we even have a special page on our website for them: http://f3nation.com/top-five-eh-excuses/

But we know them because we made those same excuses at one time. “It’s too cold! It’s too early! I’m not in shape enough… I’m too far gone…” Let us be the first to tell you in 2018 that you’re not too far gone, and to give you an opportunity to learn more about F3 we are holding an FNG (Friendly New Guy) Day for first timers. We believe in the transformation of men, not in their shaming, and this first workout will be a glimpse into how we operate.

The When: Saturday, January 6 @ 6:30AM – 7:30AM


The Where: Homewood Central Park


The What: Warm Workout Clothes/Gloves

If you want to see more, check out http://www.f3nation.com and see why F3 continues to grow with nothing but volunteer leaders. Whether you’re 23 or 63, you are welcome with us “in the gloom.”

–          The PAX of F3Birmingham

PS – If you come, plan to grab breakfast/coffee afterwards!

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