Making Use of the Track – February 19, 2018

15 PAX posted at F3 Gloom Mountain.


Prisoner Squats

Raise the Roofs

Flutter Kicks

Mountain Climbers

Down at the Track:

      Run Lap

      Regular Merkins

      Run Lap

      Diamond Merkins

      Run Lap

      Shoulder Taps

      Run Lap


      Run Lap

      Wide Grip Merkins

      Run Lap

Al Gores

Moseyed to Simmons

Wall Sits

Wall Decline Merkins

Lunged across parking area and back

Took advantage of a flight of stairs behind the school

      Each PAX held a plank till the guy to his left ran up and down the stairs.  Did this till          everyone conquered the stairs

Moseyed back to Gwin

Finished the morning with side, leg-raised planks – each side. 

Coffeeteria followed.


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