Staycation at The Spartan-March 28, 2018

Rabbit, recovering from surgery and starting to get his hop back, returned to Q at The Spartan during spring break.

PAX: Stuntman, Pothole, Juice, Nova, Dispatch, Breach, Bird Dog, Speedo, Elmer, Taiwan, and YHC



SSH (4count) x 30; Imperial Walker (4count) x 30; Prisoner Squats x 30; Mountain Climbers (4count) x 30; LBCs x 30; Merkins x 30

Mosey to the village 0.4 mi

Flutter Kicks (4count)x 30; Big Boy Sit-ups x 30; Burpees x 10

Mosey to SV Presbyterian 0.3 mi

Dora 1-2-3 (merkins x 100, LBCs x 200, Squats x 300; running up parking lot hill)

Mosey to MBE 0.4 mi

Flutter Kicks (4count) x 30

American Hammer (4count) x 30

Name-o-rama, announcements, prayers, dismissal



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