Tammy Wynette & The Tunnel of Love- 8/22/18

Question – Is it possible to do an F3 workout with SSH’s and Merkins.

Answer – When Tammy and the Tunnel of Love show up then yes.

13 PAX and two FNG’s (Vince and VooDoo) were blessed to have perfect beat down weather.  As mentioned above, Tammy Wynette made another appearance while we got to experience the Carolina Dry Dock Tunnel of Love.  I’d be selling you short if I didn’t mention we did three routines of Lt. Dan.  The exercise that doesn’t hurt until 36 hours later when you six and quads are burnt out.

Oscar really does look like Oscar (Office Space)

Warm Up

  • Imperial Walkers – 25
  • Sumo Squats – 25
  • Frankensteins – 25
  • Star Plank – 25
  • Plank Jacks – 25
  • Shoulder Taps – 25
  • Flutter Kicks – 20
  • Mosey around track (1)

Tammy Wynette

  • PAX 1 – 10 Big Boy Sit Ups while PAX 2 does 15 Squats
  • Rotate till each PAX performs 100 Big Boy Sit Ups and 150 Squats

Carolina Dry Dock Tunnel of Love

  • PAX line up shoulder to shoulder then get in Carolina Dry Dock position
  • PAX 1 does 20 Carolina Dry Docks then Seal Crawls (no legs) through the tunnel to the end
  • Rinse and Repeat until all PAX have performed the exercise and crawl

Lt. Dan

  • PAX line up side-by-side then do Lt. Dan for 50 yards
  • Run backwards to the starting line
  • Rinse and repeat for a total of three reps


  • Superman
  • First PAX to touch their arms or legs to ground had to do 10 Burpees
    • Congratulations Guy and Trike

Circle up. Announcements. Name o Rama. Prayer. Lead on 3.

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