Respect Week 2018

8 Pax posted at The Spartan for the 1st Day of Respect Week, The week Pax over 50 Q to show a little respect back to the pax. We had a simple warm-a-rama and moseyed into;

The Spartan Stadium  — Trips up surrounding hills with 10 merkins and 10 flutter kicks on the top. Some hills were run some were sprint

We met Eric, Joseph and Kyle. 3 F3 friendly medicine balls that were rescued from Shades Creek. Wallballs, Big Boy situps and monkey humper until the Q got bored

We finished off with the F3 Individual Medley. Your 4 favorite F3 exercises ( burpees, merkins, 2 count flutter kicks and Side Straddle Hops) done continuously on a 90 second interval. 6 reps, 7 reps, 8 reps, 9 reps and 10 of each exercise. 

We prayed, cursed the cold and rain  and headed to another high impact day

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