Mary Blaster 4/1/19

11 PAX came into the cold Gloom of the morning in need of some warmth. What better way to warm up than from the core.

Side straddle hop x 25
Side bends x 20
Imperial Walker x 25.
(Freddy Mercury) Bicycles x 25
Good morning Abby x 15
Alligator merkin across turf
Inch worm back
Spin Cycle x 15 twist w/ arms up
Ankle biters x 25
LBC x 30
Flutter kicks x 25
American hammer partner run 3 laps
Flutter kick run 1 lap
Hanging leg lifts x 20 then 10, then 5
While partner does merkins
Plank jacks x 25
Way backs x 15
Hello Dolly x 25
Side dips (15 each side)
Bernie up Gloom Mtn then bear crawl
Mountain climbers x 20
5 Burpee waterfall


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