Modified Beams

Today 4/28 in the Gloom of the morning 8 PAX did some conventional F3 Exercises in an unconventional way. Sure, there were Big boy sit-ups, Burpees, Lunges, Merkins, Plank Jacks, etc. . But these were done with landscape timbers so we Modified the names a little bit as well.

Side bends x 25
Side straddle hops x 25
Imperial Walker x 25
Little baby arm circles x 30
Get beams. Mosey to astro turf
Leg lifts with beams x 30 in cadence
Lay down arm extensions x 20
Straddle plank jacks x 25
(Wood) Morning Abby x 20
Frankenstein (Frankenbeams) to other side of turf
Inch wood back
Beam merkins (Beamkins) 1 arm x 25
Beam boy sit ups x 25
Beam bends each side x 20
Beam Bends cross over x 20
Burp Beams x 5
Beam lunges across field
Bunny hops over beam x 25
Flip your wood going back across field
Burp Beams x 10
Flip your wood going back again
Bunny hops over beam x 25
Burpee Waterfall x 10

Thank you to The Donald, Chisel, Sloss, Burger, Tinactin, Frost, and Saluki for your bringing your “A” game this morning. I enjoyed getting back into the Gloom with my brothers.




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