Indians over Grundl Mountain

Scene: Thursday // 8_1_19 // gloom o’clock
AO: The Vulcan
Count: 17
PAX: Quikrete, Strikeout, Lost, Tutu, Helpdesk, Weagle, Friday, Sloth, Sparrow, Kitty Litter, Beach Ball, Pop Tart, Belema, Fake ID, ToothFairy, Huff
Q: Downhiller

Dragging a bit from staying up to late, I arrived at the park a few minutes early to stretch. I prefer to jump right into the workout during the week since we only have 40-45 minutes to get that heart rate up and in the zone. Included the typical Downhiller preamble about safety and awareness while outside the park on the roads. No one is more concerned about your (and your PAX brother’s) safety than you. (read that again) Be aware of your surroundings and position. Get back safe. Go.

  • Motivator to 10
  • Mountain Climbers 30x
  • Tempo Merkins 25x
  • Straight leg stretch left over right/RoL 10 count
    Count off
  • Indian Run to the top of Grundl Mountain (just keep moving)
  • 30 LBCs OYO
  • 25 V-Ups
  • Indian Run to Bellview Cir and Clermont Dr intersection
  • 30 Carolina Dry Docks
  • 25 Sumo Squats
  • Indian Run to Dawson Gym Parking Lot
  • Dora
    • 100 V-Ups // 150 Merkin Jacks // 200 (150 mod) Shoulder Taps 2ct
  • Mosey back to the park
    • Get to know a PAX you didn’t know before and share a prayer
    • No matter how put together you think you are there is always a need for a prayer.

Waxed about diet – Don’t waste the effort you just put in this morning by eating junk. Be mindful of what you put in your body today.

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