You never know

It was in the Gloom of Monday on 9/9/19. I was training with my F3 brothers. I decided to wear a heavy pack while doing so. The workout went great. I had no issues at all. Afterwards, we went to Panera Bread for Coffeeteria. We laughed, we talked, it was another awesome F3 morning. Towards the end of Coffeeteria (around 7am), my left arm and back started to hurt. It wasn’t terrible. I thought I might have pulled something. As I was walking to my car, my chest started to feel real tight. I sat in my car for about a minute and drove home. I took a hot shower and let the water beat down on my back and chest. I wasn’t feeling any better like I normally do. I started thinking about the Message my pastor preached on Sunday. He told us a story about being in Australia. He had chest pains and arm pain. Ended up going to the hospital. He said it felt like a 500lb man was sitting on his chest. That’s how I felt. My “M” took me to Hoover Urgent care just to get checked out. They took my blood pressure and did an EKG. He immediately said “we are calling an ambulance. you need to go to the hospital.” I fought him and said “my wife can just take me”. He said he wasn’t comfortable with that. The readings were really high. 190/104. EKG was spiking. I told my wife to go home and get my phone and to meet me at the hospital. As soon as I arrived, the surgeon met me at the door and joked about how I looked. He said ” you aren’t at all what was advertised. I though you were going to be a 300 to 400lb guy” you don’t look like you should be having a major heart attack. I said “Heart Attack?” He said yes. You are going into surgery right now. They went though the groin and put a stent in my heart. I got really lucky and caught it early. They said it was a Major Heart Attack. If I wasn’t in the shape I’m in and hadn’t caught it this early, it would have snuck up on me several years later a most likely killed me. It is a mix between genetics and a horrible diet. F3 has literally saved my life. I am blessed and thankful. I urge all my brothers to get checked out. I thought I was in almost peak condition. However, you never know what is going on inside. This was a wake up call and I hope you all learn from my experience as I have. Thank you all sooo much for your prayers and support.

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