VQ in the Rainy Gloom

Temperature: 60 Degrees
Chance of rain: 100%
Number of PAX that Fartsacked: 1 confirmed

SATURN shows up pumped and ready to go along with 15 other PAX

We started off with some warm ups

We then did a type of suicide parking lot workout that Consisted of sprinting to the next row in the lot, touching the line and sprinting back to do 10 legged squats on each leg
We then sprinted 2 rows away and back to do 20 Carolina dry docks
We followed that with a sprint to the 3rd row and back to do 30 Narrow Merkins
And we go again sprinting to the 4th row and back to do 40 Wide Grip Merkins- OUCH!
To top it all off, We sprinted to the 5th row and back for some jump Squats 50 of them.

Nex up-
Donkey kicks
Wall Shoulder Taps

Mosey to the flags pole for some pole sits

Then some Parking space shuffles and a lot of them in the POURING rain.

He decided we needed some core work with
Big Boy Situps
American Hammers
Reverse Crunches

We finished off with the Motivator.

16 HIM got better and supported a VQ
Alamo, Fabio, Cartboy, Spock, Roadrunner, Paperboy, Commie, Mash, The Donald, Sloss, Swamp, Binary, Barney Fife, Bates, Tinactin, and our VQ Saturn


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