The Pack Getting Schooled

We have been working out at this site for over 7 months, but this is only our 2nd workout as official F3 AO.  The standard is to workout, then go over a short devotional and discuss.  In saying this, we did the standard, but I left off Name-o-Rama and didn’t get a picture.  I knew this BB was a must or what we did this AM didn’t even happen, at least to the F3 Nation.  The Pack knows it went down and pain was handed out like candy on Halloween.

Recess (Warm UP)

SSH – IC, Imperial Walker – IC, Ray Lewis’ – IC, Merkins – 25 OYO, Mountain Climbers – IC, LBCs – 50 OYO, LAC – IC

The Lesson

4 Corners of School

1st Corner – 15 Diamond Merkins – Lunges to 2nd corner

2nd Corner – Minute+ wall sits then different Pax members gave us a 10 second count down, the Mississippi 10 count was no joke (thanks The Donald) – Mosey to corner 3.

3rd Corner – Merkins IC – Pax members took turns taking charge – Mayhem, Crutch, The Donald. Each made it a Merkinathon!  – Sprint to corner 4 back down to Corner 3 and back to Corner 4.

4th Corner – 20 Big boy sit-ups OYO – Mosey to the stairs

Stairs – Each member had to hit the stairs twice.  The Pax took turns mixing up workouts every 2 members.  Let’s just say the Jane Fonda wasn’t accepted as offering a solid F3 image.

Rinse and Repeat 3X

The Exam

I asked Crutch if he wanted to ensure the lessons were taught at a high level and end the morn.  He obliged by testing our skills that weren’t in the previous lessons.  Remember those teachers?  His idea of fun:

10 burpees sprint the parking lot then 20 squats – Rinse and Repeat while going down by numbers of 2.  We made it to 4 burpees before having to meet for the circle of trust.

Did we pass?  It looks like we have to finish the Exam, so until next time!!


Circle of Trust

Best part of the morning.  At this location, we share a short devotion and have discussion.  Great time to share life and learn more about your brothers.  Great message today from multiple guys.  Guy laid down some true wisdom on his first visit to ThePack (much appreciated). Yes, he brought F3 Birmingham’s mascot Duke.  We ended in prayer.

I’ll have pictures for next beat down!

The Starbucks Special

Gloom Mountain needed a wake up call and “The Starbucks Special” was the answer.  No doubt that this coffee was free, but most importantly it was earned.  There were 3 different offerings on the menu.  The energy from the double was all the PAX needed to start the week flying high!

The highlight of the day was Mr. Moore showing up to be the 100th FNG to workout with us.  With a first name of Benjamin, I’d have to say “Franklin” was meant for this slot. He was a phenomenal addition to the 7 local PAX that made this morning great.

The Crew

Q – Jiffy

Tinactin, Barney Fife, Happy, Whammo, Edge, Sloss, and

FNG Franklin

Decaf (Warm Up)

  • IC (in cadence) Imperial Walker
  • IC Ray Lewis
  • OYO (on your own) LBCs (little baby crunches)- 30
  • SC (single count) Merkins – 25
  • SC Squats – 30
  • IC – Little Arm Circles – 16

Blonde Roast

  • Run to Simmons
  • Merkins while 2 groups run stairs
  • Squats while 2 groups run stairs
  • Run back to playground at Gwin

Columbian Double Shot Espresso (Partner QT)

Groups of 2 have to complete the total number as a team.

  • Round 1
    • 100 air squats
    • 100 Crunches
    • Run 2 laps then climb Gloom Mtn
  • Round 2
    • 150 Pushups
    • 100 Sit ups
    • Run 2 laps then climb Gloom Mtn
  • Round 3
    • 150 Lunges
    • 50 Pull ups
    • Run 2 laps then climb Gloom Mtn
  • Round 4 (back on the turf to finish strong)
    • 50 Burpees


Finished with prayer request, prayer, and thanks to the PAX!