Getting Swoll and Leadership – The Forum 4-14-18

This was the 2nd Saturday Work-Out at the Forum and YHC wanted to make sure that everyone felt as thought they got their money’s worth. There was a threat of rain, but 12 men showed up determined to get better and get swoll. We welcomed our FNG and I shared a quick thought about F3 being more than a work-out and a mechanism to reinvigorate male leadership in the community.

The Warm-UP

SSH x 25

Merkins x 25

Squats x 25

Diamond Merkins x 20

Ray Lewis’s x 20

The Thang

Mosey’d to the track where we paired up. One Pax ran backwards, the other Pax did 21 Merkins and then ran to his partner. The pairs alternated running backwards and we counted the merkins down by 2. At the conclusion, as the Pax was catching their breath, we lunged over to the hill by the stairs. I recommended a short course of Quadrophilia (running up the hill backwards, running down forwards). After about 5 minutes of Quadrophilia, we started with bear crawls up, 10 decline merkins, and crawl bears down the hill. YHC realized that we hadn’t done any ab work yet, so at the top of the hill we did a couple sets of flutter kicks and incline LBC’s. YHC then recommended that we head to the tennis courts for a set of BLIMPS (Burpees, Lunges, Imperial Walkers, Merkins, Plank-Jacks, Squats) to the far side of the court. At that point, the Pax was a little tired but still motivated so we circled back to the parking lot to finish with my favorite exercise….Jack Webb’s. A hard set of 10 and we circled up for name-o-rama. We welcomed FNG Achilles and concluded with a C.O.T.



2-12 At Gloom Mountain

9 Pax hit the gloom this morning at the Mountain. Weather was crisp but spirits were high.

YHC was inspired by Sparrow’s workout on Saturday and spent some time with the Lexicon to try and spice up the workout today. I think it was a decent effort and I hope some of you enjoyed the variety. Here it is in abbreviated form.


SSH – 25

Imperial Walker’s – 25

Little Baby Arm Circles – 25
Prisoner Squat’s – 25
Plank Jack’s – 25
The Thang
Mosey to Simmons Upper Parking Lot
Ascending Bear Crawls with Ascending Derkins to 10
-There was a duck-walk modification added on by Fife
Blimps – Burpees (5), Lunges (10), Imperial Walkers (15), Merkins (20), Plank Jack’s (25), Squat’s 30
-2 sets
Mosey down to the lower parking lot
Hill Stuff – the Pax split into groups and sprinted up and down the hill
Mosey to the Parking Lot
Dips on the benches – 25
Incline Merkins – 25
Curb Jumps – 25
Batman and Robin’s (Back to back wall sits)
Flutter Kicks
Circle of Trust

12/16/17 – Where thanks was giving and the forbidden workout was done

It was a crisp morning with frost on the ground as the Pax took to the field at the Vulcan. A decent crew had already rucked up to the Vulcan and back and were ready to get going. YHC measured the size of the Pax and was again inspired by how quickly the F3 ethos has been taken up by the men of the Birmingham area.


Like all Bham workouts; we started with some side-straddle hops; x 30

Ray Lewis x 30

Squats x 25

Burpees x 20

Little baby arm circles x 30

Tinactin showed up at this point, and not to let him feel left out, we did another 15 Burpees

The Thang

Mosey’d around the park and then did a Dirty McDeuce (courtesy of F3 New Orleans)

One quick run around the park followed by

-Merkins x 12

-Squats x 12

-LBCs x 12

We did this 3 times; with each set of arms, legs and abs afterwards

Upon the completion of the Dirty McDeuce, we did one set of Jack Webbs. With our arms sore we then mosey’d to the Amphitheater. 20 sets of step ups and dips later we took our turn at the stairs. 20 jump ups for everyone and then I recommended wheelbarrows up the stairs. I was then informed that this was a “forbidden” workout. YHC measured up the Pax and decided that if anyone could do a forbidden workout, they could. So we partnered up and went up the amphitheater in wheelbarrow fashion. My conscience then got the best of me and instead of risking injury to the Pax, I decided that partnered suicides in the Cage would be a better pursuit.

Suicides with a partner, partner in turn did Merkins, Squats, and LBCs while the other did a suicide. At completion, we did a plank waterfall and then some Mary with flutter kicks, American Hammers and Iron Tribe sit ups.

To finish the workout, the reigning duck walk jousting champion Pickle called out the Pax for challengers and he was met with enthusiasm. Pickle defended his title well, but ultimately lost out at the end.

Name-O-Rama was performed appropriately and new FNG Schiano was welcomed into the fold.

At this point, Rabbit took a moment to commemorate all the work and effort Fife and Scam have done this year to give it away to the men of Birmingham. Honor boxes were given and I can only reiterate how much a appreciate those men investing in F3 and this community. Scam also had some incredibly  nice Xmas gifts for the Pax which were given out at the end of workout.


The best part of the workout, coffeeteeria was well-attended.

Thanks again Fife and Scam.

9/30/17 – Duck Walk Jousting

YHC (Happy) has put his legs up and is watching football; basking in the soreness that comes with pushing oneself for a full hour of cardio and musculoskeletal pain. This workout was pre-empted by a pre-workout ruck up to the Vulcan (1.5 miles each way) performed by Fife, Fanny Pack, Cocky, Commie, the Donald, Happy, and Default. Upon return, YHC was warmed up and raring to get started.


SSH – 20

Ray Lewis’s – 20

Imperial Walker’s – 20

Squat’s – 20

Mountain Climber’s – 20

At this point, we counted off and discovered that we had a group of 42 men looking to get swoll and improve themselves a bit. We split into 4 semi-equal groups and decided to Indian Run down to the hill leading to Homewood Middle School (3500 feet). To make it interesting, each group did 20 Merkins at each stop sign encountered between the Mothership and the Hill (5 stop signs, I think). We encountered multiple runners from the Birmingham Running Club running against our current of manliness, but persevered. Group 4 (my group) was the last group to make it to the base of the hill, so for punishment we did 20 Burpees at the base of the hill. We then proceeded to do a Jacob’s Ladder with Burpee’s and Big Boy Sit Ups adding up to 21. To be fair, Groups 1 and 2 got the short end of this stick as they started with 21 Burpees up top and we had to stop about half way through the exercise secondary to running out of time.  We then regrouped and did Indian Runs back to the Mothership. A point of self-criticism, I thought that these Indian Runs would be a little more disciplined and tight, instead we had a chaotic mad dash back to the security of our origination park. We planked while we waited for the sixes that headed up the rear. Once we had regrouped, we did a set of 10 Jack Webb’s. With arm’s appropriately gassed, 20 squats were followed by 20 Burpees since the Gloom Mountain flag hit the dirt.

Sensing that the morale of the Pax was beginning to wane, I decided lead the group in the first duck jousting battle royale. The men lined up and duck walked to the middle. Every man was for himself and the last man standing was none other than Pickle (It was a tough battle between him and the Donald at the end). Those men that had previously been vanquished held a plank while we watched the two epic combatants lay it all on the line. We Mosey’d back to the flags and finished the work-out with a round of Mary. Flutter kicks, Big Boy Sit Ups and American Hammers.

Work-out Ended

Name-O-Rama, welcomed 4 FNG’s (Tater, Spreadsheet and two whose names I can’t remember at the moment)


Coffeeteeria – 17 guys showed up, a record for us.

Gloom Mountain – Sept 6th. Get Swoll with Death by Merkins

10 men hit Gloom Mountain this morning for a little pre-dawn workout. YHC met the group around the shovel flag at 0515 and we welcomed an unaccompanied FNG, now known as Knots, to our group.

Warm-up: We mosey’d to the turf and started our standard warmup

Side-straddle hops – 20

Squats – 20

Mountain Climbers – 20

Merkins – 20

We then jogged a lap to make sure the blood was flowing before heading back to the parking lot to begin the meat of the work-out.

Incline Merkins – 20

Decline Merkins – 20

Dips – 20

We then mosey’d back to the turf for a little relay race. The group was split in half and for some reason, the fastest five guys were on one team and the slowest five on the other. We then did a relay race down and back across the turf while the others held a plank. The losing team, which included YHC, then was rewarded with 20 burpees. The other guys just did some LBCs. We finished the racing round with a round of 10 Jack Webbs.

We then hit the track again for a 2 lap indian run, followed by pull-ups and dips on the playground, 20 a piece. Once completed, the light was finally starting to the hit the mountain so we cooled off with a Jacob’s Ladder on Gloom Mountain.

10 Merkins at the base, followed by a run up the mountain and back, 8 Merkins and a repeat run, following this pattern until we were down to 0.

Once everyone had spent some time on the hill, we mosey’d back to the turf and finished with “Death by Merkins” led by none other than the Donald. I think he got to 50. I only got to 24.

Name-O-Rama and the naming of our newest PAX at Gloom Mountain, F3 Knots. He put in a strong effort and I have a feeling he will be back for more.

Off to San Francisco for the weekend, se you guys next week.

Mt. Gloom July 10th

It was a great morning at Mt. Gloom as 10 men answered the call. 9 veteran pax and 1 FNG (Welcome Rudder) showed up at 5:30 at Gwin to try and get a little better. Happy was the Q and we were all still feeling a little beat up from the Vulcan run from over the weekend.


Side-straddle Hops – 20

Prisoner Squats – 20

Merkins – 20

Imperial Walkers – 20

We then mosey’d to the track and did 2 laps to get the heart beats up a bit

The Circuit

Using the track as our guide, we did 4 circuits around the track. For each circuit, we would do 20 exercises to start, 15 in the next corner of the track, 10 in the next corner, 5 in the third corner and then sprint back to the beginning. Those in front were rewarded with planking until the six made it back to the beginning. Saluki, Choo Choo and Jiffy gave a lesson on fitness with this one

Merkins – 20, 15, 10, 5

Squats – 20, 15, 10, 5

Diamond Merkins – 20, 15, 10, 5

Quick rest in between circuits 3 & 4 with a Hollow Hustle sprint up the hill and back

LBC’s – 20, 15, 10, 5

The Cool Down

Mosey’d for one more lap around the track and then back to the turf

Side-Straddle Hops – 15

Ray Lewis’s – 15

Imperial Squat Walkers – 15

Flutter Kicks – 15

Donald Diamond Merkins – The Donald crushed the rest of the Pax with 45 single count Merkins (I couldn’t do any more past 22).

Circle of Trust

We welcomed Rudder to the Pax. He did great and led the charge during some of the Circuit. I think we’ll be seeing him again.

Mt. Gloom July 3rd, 2017

Q – Happy

11 Pax with 1 FNG (Merc) hit Mt. Gloom this morning in Hoover. We started with a mosey run with 2 laps around the track. Then went into the warm-up.

Side-straddle hops – 20
Ray Lewis’s – 20
Imperial Walkers – 20
Prisoner Squats – 20
We then mosey’d to the base of Mt. Gloom. After a quick discussion of the logistics we settled on a Black Jack Jacob’s Ladder on the hill. 2 LBC’s at the top, 19 Burpee’s at the base; we then counted up on the LBC’s by 2 and down on the Burpee’s by 2 with each run up and down the hill, making sure to add up to 21 with each “set”. This was hard, the humidity didn’t help but Saluki entered beast mode and crushed the hill.
We mosey’d around the track for another lap and then back to the turf.
Imperial Squat Walkers – 20
Diamond Merkins (Led by the Donald) – Too many to count
Hello Dolly – 20
Iron Tribe Sit-ups – 20
Pax present included: Tinactin, Barney Fife, the Donald, Sloss, Paper Boy, Choo Choo, Rabbit, Saluki, Pickle, Happy, and FNG Merc.
Good work-out for the day before July 4th. Good representation from the Homewood AO. We welcomed our first Hoover FNG who showed great hustle and stuck through it.