Burp Back Mountain w/Tinactin

Burp Back Mountain

#gloommountain 8/2/17

The Who


Q: Tinactin

Edge, Happy, Ping, Whammo, Sloss (“We few, we happy few, we band of brothers…”)


SSH x’s 20

LBAC x’ 20

Imp Walkers x’s 20

Squats x’s 20

Merkins x’s 20

LBC’s x’s 25 OYO

Burp Back Mountain

  • PAX Partnered up. One PAX ran backward up Gloom Mountain, then ran back down. Partner did Burpees until first PAX returns. Alternate until you hit combined 100 burpees. The burn was real going up backwards, but all finished. Legs were on fire.

Grizzly Crawl

  • PAX sprint halfway across a field and then bear crawl the second half. Rinse and repeat coming back. All that momentum had some guys looking like hunting grizzlies…

Leg Rest (just cause I’m a nice guy;) 

– Dips x’s 30


  • Big Boy Hammers 10:40 (Big Boy Sit-ups into American Hammer 4 counts)
  • Twister x’s 100
  • LBC’s x’s 50
  • Flutter Kicks/Six Inches
  • American Hammers
  • Reverse Crunches
  • Big Boy Sit Ups


Coaster Wall Sits

– Long wall sit to close out. Arms up in the air. Lean left. Lean right. Just like a roller coaster.


– Finished by praying for some friends and family. Some of the PAX have loved ones going through some pain. We all got better. We all finished.

Gloom Mountain- Magical Beat Down July 17, 2017

Magical Beat Down: Disney Inspired from Q’s Recent Vacation


#gloommountain 7/17/17


The Who


Q: Tinactin

Edge, Happy, Barney Fife, Jiffy, Pickle, Saluki, Whammo

Little wet from the rain. Not too hot. Not too cold. Just right.




Imp Walkers




Disney Fun # 1: Astro Orbiter

  • 1 Mile Indian Run on the Track – All PAX sprinted the last lap. Good smoke on this one.

Disney Fun #2: Splash Mountain (Not the good kind of splash…)

  • PAX lined up on the top of small hill beside the track. ~20 yards

Crawl Bear Down. Bear Crawl Back Up. Plank to Wait. Rinse and Repeat x’s 3.

  • After almost bailing on the run, F3 Pickle turned it up for the bear crawl! No splashing…

Disney Fun #3: Royal Carrousel

  • One PAX sprinted around 320M track while other PAX did Burnouts. Departing PAX called the workout.
  • Once a PAX got back the next runner started another workout. That PAX sprinted.

Lots of smoke.

  • The Burnout: Squats, Diamond Merkins, Dive Bombers, LBC’s, Hop Lunges, Burpees, Big Boy Sit Ups, SSH

Disney Fun #4: Dumbo

  • Same as the Carrousel except one PAX did side handled dips x 10 OYO on the playground while other PAX did Burnouts. Round and round we went.
  • The Burnout: Merkins, Decline Merkins, LBC’s, Lunges, Burpees, Dips, Mini-Dolly’s (almost like a sideways flutter kicks, moving legs out and in, feet switching places each rep)

Disney Fun #5: Tower of Terror

  • Solid round of Mary with a total ab burnout
  • LBC’s, flutter kicks, twister, hello dolly, and wrapped it up with 60 Count Squats in Cadence – tons of smoke, some PAX fell out of the tower


  • Finished with a count, announcements and a shout-out. Always praying to be better men.