The Spartan – Banker’s Hill climbing – April 16, 2018

12 PAX started the week off right doing the hard thang…Skeletor, Pothole, Bird-dog, DadBod, Nova, Zaccheus, Speedo, Stuntman, Rabbit, Juice, Sparrow and YHC.


-SSH X30

– Imperial Walker X30

– Stretched the legs

– Ray Lewis X25

The Thang:

PAX mosey’d down Jemison Trail to the intersection of Cahaba Rd. and Mtn. Brook Parkway and stopped for some upper body and core work:

– Merkins X20 (hold plank)

– Mtn. Climbers X25

-Burpees X10

Commenced Indian Run over the new Watkins Brook wooden bridge, down Shades Creek Parkway and took a killer right turn up (yes, straight up the hill) Shades Creek Place giving each PAX the opportunity at being the Indian running up the hill.  From the top of SCP PAX mosey’d halfway back down and found a guard rail suitable for some chest, arm and leg work:

– Dips X20

– Bulgarian Squats X15 ea. leg

– Incline Merkins X20

Back down the hill to Shades Creek Parkway for some ab work:

– LBC’s X30

– American Hammer’s 2 count X20

PAX sprinted back up the hill to the guardrail for more arms, chest and leg work (Repeat Dips, Bulgarian Squats (X10 ea. leg this set) and Incline Merkins).

Mosey or for those PAX keeping up with Zaccheus and Skeletor (Sprinted) back to MBE:

The finish:

– LBC’s X30

-American Hammers 2 count X20

-Jack Webb waterfall (Two rounds…X2/4 and X3/6)





Playground Burn

6 PAX came out to The Spartan for some fun on the Playground.  PAX teamed up to maul through a modified DORA built around playground equipment to burn the arms, chest and core.  Rabbit, Slumlord, Dope, Choo-Choo, Gump and Elmer (on the Q) got better.


SSH x30

Ray Lewis x25

Imperial Walker x25

Raise the roof x25

LBC’s oyo x25

Stretch (straight leg RoverL) (Back/Core – legs shoulder width apart, reach with hand and grab achilles R&L sides)

Indian Run- ran to Canterbury Rd. “Triangle Park”, down to MB Village and back to playground.

The Thang:

PAX partnered up to complete cumulative: 1) 80x Inverted Rows 2) 100x Swerkins and 3) 120x American Hammers while other partner sprints 50+/- yards.

Last set – Cumulative partner completion of 60x Inverted Rows (under hand for the biceps) while other partner performed AMRAP of Catalina Wine Mixers.


Day Before Turkey Day

14 PAX came out for a “Field of Dreams” beat-down the day before Thanksgiving.  Men earned an extra Turkey leg with a heavy dose of burpees, merkins and prisoner squats.  Stuntman, Mullen (formerly HC at Miss St.), Cocky, Choo Choo, Skeletor, Gov, Bird Dog,  Rabbit, Shunnarah, Sparrow, Slumlord, Milkman, Crab Legs and Elmer.


Side Straddle Hop…………x30


Ray Lewis……………………..x25

Raise the Roof………………x20

LBC’s oyo…………………….x25

The Amphitheater:

Bear crawled x4 rows up the amphitheater

“Field of Dreams”:

Modified version with cones spread out in diamond (baseball field) pattern roughly 40 yards apart.  PAX counted off by fours (1’s to first base – squats, 2’s to second base – Merkins, 3’s to third base – LBC’s and 4’s at Home Plate – Burpees) and hit a grand slam (4 times around the bases) completing the following reps at each base:

1st Base:  AMRAP Squats

2nd Base:  AMRAP Merkins

3rd Base: AMRAP LBC’s

Home Plate:  PAX complete 15 burpees then run to 1st base.  PAX doing squats at 1st base are relieved running to 2nd base to relieve PAX doing Merkins and so on until groups had completed four rounds at each base.  Overall PAX crossed home plate 4 times and completed 60 burpees.

Cool down….PAX cleaned up cones with a run back to CoT.

Gave thanks for Holiday.




The Spartan – Oct. 30, 2017

12 PAX posted for Elmer’s VQ on the first frosty morning of the fall.  Welcome FNG’s, Carpetbagger and McQueen!  Rabbit, Tar Baby, Scrushy, Bird Dog, Bagman, Skeletor, Pot Hole, Geek, Peaches and Blue Angel…..


Sidestraddle hop: x 30

Imperial Walker x 30

Raise the roof x-Cadence fail

LBC’s x 25 OYO

Stretching to loosen up the legs and back.

Jog to triangle park, down Canterbury Road and back to the MBE playground.

Split up into 3 groups for station workouts:

Station 1 “The Playground”

Inverted Row x 10

Swerkin x 10

Station 2 “The Flag Pole”

Dips x 20

American Hammer x 30

Station 3 “The Loading Doc”

Box Jump Burpees x 10

Squats x 20

Finish Together:


From Mercan – Twist and reach hand to sky (name?)

LBC’s x 25