Merkins, Merkins, and yes more Merkins (with some other stuff mixed in too).

June 27, 2018

Bright and early in the Gloom the men of Gloom Mountain gathered to knock out a few merkins and some other stuff too. We started out in the parking lot and 14 brave souls did the following:

Merkins (48)

Side Stradle Hops

Merkins (22)

Willie Mays

Mosey to turf

Merkins (20)

Little Baby Arm Circles

Merkins (10)


Mosey up Gloom Mountain to the grass at the top

Merkins (15)


Mosey to the other parking lot

Here YHC had the men count off 1’s and 2’s. 1’s lined up for sprints while 2’s circled up for some in-cadence exercise.

Sprints (1’s)

Sprint down to the crosswalk and then do 30 LBC’s

Sprint back and do 20 Merkins

Wash, rinse, repeat 3 times.

Circle (2’s)

20 LBC’s

20 Merkins

20 Squats

After that 1’s and 2’s switched. 20 seconds of encouragement and then it was a mosey to the BB court.

5 negative merkins (8 secound count down, then up equals 1)

10 regular merkins

Mosey to the far corner of the track

Bear Crawls. At each corner PAX did:

1st corner – 20 LBC’s

2nd corner – 20 Merkins

3rd corner – 20 Flutter Kicks

Then PAX completed a 1 lap mosey. Some more encouragement and then it was a mosey back to the parking lot.

Benches – Dips (20 with a long hold at the end).

After that Tinactin stepped in to lead the PAX in one of his patent-pending cooldown stretches. YHC can’t remember the whole sequence, but it is highly recommended for a great start to the day!

2 x FNG’s participated (Welcome Bailout and Norad) and 12 long-time PAX. Great work and a pat on the back to all!

VQ, Pain! Cocky steps up!

YHC gave my VQ to a group of 24 PAX and 2 FNG’s yesterday AM. Welcome to Misdemeanor and Formica! The PAX circled up in beautiful Homewood park as usual, and after the regular introductions we got to work.
1. side straddle hop – IC (4count-40)
2. Willie Mays (feet shoulder width, move side to side) – IC (4count-15)
3. Annies (plank, raise one hand and move in circle) – IC (4count-15 first hand/25 second hand)
4. LBC – OYO (40)
5. Ray Lewis (feet together, raise and lower arms) – IC (4count-25)
6. Prisoner Squats – IC (down/up-30)
7. little baby arm circles front / hold / back – IC (4count-10 each/15 sec hold)
8. Merkins – IC (down/up-25)
9. High knees – IC (4count-30)
10. Oh Yeahs / Supermans (Lay on stomach, raise arms and legs 6 inches and hold until told to stop)– 60 sec count
11. Swimmers (on stomach, raise arms and legs, make swimming motion) – IC (4count-20)
12. Flutter Kicks – IC(4count -25)
Indian Run
After getting all warmed up, PAX counted off 1’s and 2’s for a nice Indian Run. It was up to Slumlord to decide where we would go next. Little did he know that for each location YHC had planned a special version of pain. After deciding on Dawson, PAX lined up for an Indian Run. Unfortunately someone dropped the flag on the way, so PAX did 10 burpies halfway there. Once at Dawson, the team did a hill run.
Hill Run
Pax ran up and down that hill and did a set of exercises at each stop, starting with 10 merkins at top. Then it was back to the bottom where we did as many as possible LBC’s, followed by another run to the top with 25 side straddle hops, and finally 40 American hammers at bottom.
Next PAX did a little Mosey back to Homewood park. YHC had to fall back, so Cocky stepped up and led the PAX in a little wall- work while YHC caught up to the group.
Cocky did a good job of leading the group I hear. Don’t know the count, but I could hear the cadence from down the street.
• Declined Merkins
• Inclined Merkins
• Dips
Pax then went back to the circle for a final exercise.

• Swimmers (on stomach, raise arms and legs, make swimming motion) – IC (4count-10)


At last it was time for COT and name-o-rama. PAX welcomed two FNG’s Misdemeanor and Formica.

YHC is grateful for this wonderful group of men. In the short time I’ve been coming here, I have made friends and gotten better. What a great way to start a day with such a great group of guys. In my oppinion, it doesn’t get much better that that.