Foggy Forum Fun For F3 Fanatics 12/29/17

14 PAX posted on Tuesday in the 60 degree gloomy fog – two days before the winter solstice.  A lot of guys were looking extra cheery this time of year.  Workout was as follows:


SSH x25

Imperial squat walkers x25

Little baby arm circles x15 (reverse it x15)

Black snake Indian run on track around the baseball fields

Mosey to tennis courts for……………


BLIMPS (acronym – see below)

Burpees x20

Lunges x30 each leg

Imperial walkers x40

Merkins x50

Plank jacks x60

Squats x70

In between each BLIMPS workout, we do a suicide run the width of the four tennis courts.

Count off into groups of four, recover and mosey to baseball field.

Home plate does 50 plank jumps

1st base does 50 WW1 sit-ups

2nd base does 50 squat jumps

3rd base does 75 merkins

Each group completes the exercise at all bases and reverse bear crawls from one base to the other in between exercises.

Mosey back to parking lot

Name-o-rama, announcements*, CoT

*Fife brought to our attention that it is probably best that we stay OFF of the baseball fields for future workouts.  The Forum has been good to us – let’s be good to it.



Ping’s Pain Poker – The Forum – 12/7/2017

12 PAX hit The Forum for some Pain Poker

Warm Up
Willie Mays x 20
SSH x 30
Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 each way
LBC’s x 50
1 lap warm up run

Ping’s Pain Poker
PAX mosey to the tennis courts where Pain Poker takes place (length of 4 courts used)

Q draws a card from 52 card deck.

4 suits are different exercises.

Use numbers on cards for reps.

Jack is 11, Queen is 12, King is 13, Ace is 14

If card drawn is 9 or less, PAX run full length of courts and back after exercise

If card drawn is 10 or greater, PAX run half of courts and back after exercise

Repeat as long as time allows

Hearts = Merkins
Spades = Big Boy Sit Ups
Diamonds = Monkey Humpers
Clubs = Burpees

Cool Down
Plank to “A Friend Like Me”
Stretch it out

Hill Run – The Forum – 11/23/2017

7 PAX got better on Thanksgiving morning and tackled the Vestavia Hill with Ping.

Hawkeye, Needle, Mule, Headgear, Tin Man, Guy, Ping

Warm Up

SSH x 30
Willie Mays x 20
Merkins x 15
Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 (front/back)
LBC’s x 50

The Climb
2 PAX partner up
1 PAX runs half way up Vestavia hill and 1 PAX does exercise. When first PAX returns, second PAX runs. When second PAX returns for all partners, next exercise begins. Repeat.

1. Merkins
2. Big Boy Sit Ups
3. Squats
4. American Hammers
5. Burpees
6. Shoulder taps
After exercises completed, all PAX bear crawl 1/4 way up Vestavia Hill, backpedal 1/4, and sprint up second half

Cool Down
Plank to “Colors of the Wind”
Sunrise stretch

4 PAX hit Coffeteria at Waffle House after – Guy, Hawkeye, Needle, Ping

50/50 – The Forum – 11/2/2017

9 PAX hit The Forum for a quarter flip workout with Ping.

The Donald, Blue Angel, Guy, Buttercup, Headgear, Needle, Pyramid, Knots, Ping

Warm up
SSH x 30
Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 front/back
Ray Lewis x 30
Willie Mays x 15

1 lap jog

Mosey to Vestavia West parking lot

Flip of a Coin
Q flips a coin to choose between two exercises. After exercise, PAX sprint 20 yards, sprint back 20 yards
1. LBC’s or American Hammers x 50 (each side)
2. Merkins or Diamond Merkins x 15
3. Squats or Imperial Walkers x 50
4. LBC’s or American Hammers x 50
Mosey to playground
5. Dips or Raise the Roof x 25
6. Pull ups or Flutter Kicks x 25
7. Canoe or Decline Merkins x 20
8. Pull ups or Squat Jumps x 15
9. Big Boy Sit Ups or Incline Merkin x 20
10. Burpees or Flutter Kicks x 20

Mosey to Flag
Plank to “I Wanna be Like You” from “The Jungle Book”
Sunrise stretch

Schoolyard to Schoolyard – The Forum – 10/19/2017

8 PAX hit the Hills of Vestavia hard this morning and we’re better for it

Knots, Headgear, Guy, Barney Fife, The Donald, Amazon, Commie, Ping

Warm up
SSH x 20
Willie Mays x 16
Frankenstein x 10

The Hills
Run from Wald Park, across 31, down to Central Elementary field (back of school)
(Q carries two 5 lb weights for the run down)

At Central Elementary Field
Pull ups x 15
Diamond Merkins x 15
LBC’s x 50
Bench Dips x 15
Quick jog with 10 SSH after and back

10 lb Indian run back up to Wald Park with pain stops at the each hill
PAX in back runs with two 5 lb weights and exchanges to PAX in front, then sprints to front of line.

Run back up first hill
American Hammer x 50

Run back up second hill
Raise the roof x 30

Run across 31 to bottom of third hill
Merkins x 15
Big boy sit ups x 15

Run up third hill back to Wald Park
Burpees x 10
Peter Parker x 20
Plank to “You’ve got a friend in me”
Incline merkins x 10
Merkin/Squat ladder 10/1, 9/2…1/10

Cool down
Sunrise yoga stretch