Your Moment Is Now 9/17/2017 – Gloom Mountain

12 PAX, including 1 FNG, conquered Gloom Mountain this morning.

Tinactin, Snare, Knots, Default, Barney Fife, Sloss, Edge, The Donald, Happy, Franklin, Ping, and welcome FNG – Jesse

Warm up
SSH x 30
Arm circles x 15 x 2
Ray Lewis x 30
Raise the roof x 30
Imperial walkers x 15

3 lap Indian run
Diamond merkin x 10
Clap merkin x 10
Decline merkin x 10
Incline merkin x 10

Mosey to Gloom mountain
50 American hammers
Run up and down Gloom Mountain
50 lbc’s
Run up and down Gloom Mountain
50 bicycles
Run up and down Gloom Mountain

Mosey to turf

Flutter kicks
Squats x 40
Al Gore 15 seconds each
2 legs, right leg, left leg
Lunges across turf and sprint back x 2

Cool Down
Plank to “Can’t Wait to be King”
Full body stretch