Boot Camp in lieu of Braveheart Race

45 degrees and raining – fun stuff!  Welcome F3 New Orleans Tripleshift!


Mosey to Trinity parking lot

Side Straddle Hops (x30)

Imperial Walkers (x30)

Mountain Climbers (x30)

Mosey to Homewood Middle School football Field

The Thang:

Bear Crawl Dora – Partner up and one partner bear crawls 15 yards then turns around and bear crawls back while the other partner does big boy sit-ups.  Swap out and continue until both partners cumulatively get to 100 sit-ups.

Everyone gets on the goal line and split up into two groups.  First group bear crawls 15 yards to the flag, then second group follows.  First group duck walks back to goal line, then second group follows.  Rinse and repeat (x6)

Suicide run – Start on the goal line and sprint to the 20-yard line, jog back, sprint to 40, jog back, sprint to 60, jog back, sprint to 80, jog back, sprint the full 100.

Lineup on wall:

Dips (x20), step-ups (x20), decline merkins (x20), flutter kicks (x20)

Dips (x20), box jumps (x20), decline merkins (x20), flutter kicks (20)

Gather in the endzone for a burpee tabata (20 seconds on with 10 second rest for four minutes).

Mosey to Dawson front yard and circle up – flutter kicks (x30), then hold wide-grip plank with wide-grip plank merkins (x10).

Mosey back to The Vulcan and circle up – finish burpee waterfall in mud puddles (everyone holds plank and we go around the circle with one person doing five burpees at a time).