Spartan Waterfalls

Pushing yourself is always easier when you have other men alongside. The Spartan AO (19 PAX, including FNG’s Budget and Pontoon) started with a few usual warm-ups and a merkin and burpee waterfall. Back-to-back waterfalls is a good way to start off pushing.

We took an indian run to the Western Supermarket, taking a mid-run break to add a couple of more waterfalls (plank jack and American hammers). Navigation notwithstanding, the parking lot at Western is an ideal playground for a Dora.

Q learned the lesson that 100 burpees is a lot more than it sounds. We followed that up with 200 merkins and 300 squats. Lot’s of hard breathing and complaints, but all the men pushed through and got better. I want to call out Froggy, who always seems to run faster than most.

After moseying to the athletic field, we began a rotation of exercises with sprints in-between. Q challenged the PAX to lead an exercise each, and the PAX stepped up, specifically Dispatch, Skeletor, Ping, Rabbit and Pilgrim. The goal was to give a little variety and give some fresh challenge to the PAX. I think Ping (fire drills) and Skeletor (flutter-kick pyramid) win the award for bringing the most pain.

After that, COT and naming of two FNGS made a for a strong finish. Rabbit encouraged the PAX to step up and Q, but as punishment for our lack of initiative, Scam is Qing on Wednesday.

Just Keep Breathing – February 26, 2018

When I first started F3, there were two things I learned quickly:

  1. Dora’s are hard
  2. Just keep moving (including breathing)

When I met F3 Rabbit at Spartan, I figured out that he likes running uphill, thus my VQ had to mash-up Dora and uphill.

10 PAX and 1 FNG braved the rain and got better together

Obligatory Disclaimer Given (don’t sue me)

Warm Up

Bear crawls around the ampitheatreIC: Side-Straddle Hops
IC: Imperial Walkers
IC: Merkins
IC: Shoulder Taps

Mozy to Mountain Brook Village

OYO: Big Boy Situps
IC: Squats
OYO: Big Boy Situps

Mozy to Rabbit’s Hill

50 Burpees
100 Lunges
150 Merkins
IC: 20 Merkins

Mozy to MBES

IC: Dips
IC: Incline Merkins
OYO: Step-Ups
OYO: Jump-Ups

In honor of Scam
IC: Flutter Kicks (not riding a bike!)


Name-O-Rama (we got really close to giving KneePad an awesome F3 name)
Prayer to wrap up