What is F3?

Free Outdoor Workouts For MEN to Build Community LEADERS.
Our workouts are always FREE and open to all men (18+).
They are held outdoors — rain or shine, heat or cold.
There is no sign-up – JUST SHOW UP!
You don’t have to be in shape.
Don’t let your excuses remove you from opportunity.
To learn about the F3 Nation and its 1,200+ weekly workouts in 30+ states, go to f3nation.com

Workout Locations

HomewoodHomewood Central ParkThe Vulcan0530-06150530-06150600-0700Bootcamp
HomewoodHomewood Central ParkThe Forge0530-0615Bootcamp, no running
HomewoodHomewood Central ParkThe Manhattan0530-0615Run
HomewoodPatriot Park HomewoodThe Patriot0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
HomewoodHomewood High SchoolDetention0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
VestaviaWald ParkThe Forum0530-06150530-06150600-0700Bootcamp
VestaviaVestavia Hills High SchoolThe Hills0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
VestaviaVestavia Hills United MethodistSteeplechase0530-0615Run
VestaviaVestavia East ElementaryThe Byrd0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
Mountain BrookMountain Brook ElementaryThe Spartan0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
Mountain BrookPiggly Wiggly CrestlineThe Heights0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
Mountain BrookPark at OvertonTiny Kingdom0530-0630Bootcamp
Mountain BrookMountain Brook JH Tennis CourtsThe Canterbury0515-0600Run
Mountain BrookStarbucks Cahaba HeightsThe Pipeline0530-0615Run
Mountain BrookMountain Brook High SchoolThe Stadium0530-06150600-0700Bootcamp
Liberty ParkLiberty Park Middle SchoolThe Torch0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
Liberty ParkLiberty Park Middle SchoolMineshaft0515-0615Run
Liberty ParkSicard Hollow Athletic ComplexGameday0600-0700Bootcamp, no running
MeadowbrookSpain Park High SchoolMudd Town0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
MeadowbrookVeterans ParkPAX Trace0530-0615Trail Run
MeadowbrookBehind Mt Laurel Fire StationMuscle Mountain (unofficial)0530-0615Bootcamp
HooverGwin Elementary SchoolGloom Mountain0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
HooverHoover MetValley of the Gloom0530-0615Bootcamp
HooverHoover MetPowershop0530-0615Bootcamp, no running
HelenaHelena Elementary SchoolThe Pack0530-06300500-05450530-0615Bootcamp
HelenaHillsboro Trail Parking LotThe HTR0530-0615Ruck
McCallaMcAdory High SchoolThe Mac (unofficial)0530-0615Bootcamp
TrussvilleCahaba Elementary SchoolSlagheap0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
TrussvillePaine Elementary SchoolThe House of Paine0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
TrussvilleMagnolia ElementaryThe School Yard (unoffical)0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp, no running on Mondays
TrussvilleCahaba Elementary SchoolIditarod0530-0615Run
TrussvilleCahaba Elementary SchoolMush Ruck0515-0615Ruck
GardendaleGardendale High SchoolJugtown0530-06150530-0615Bootcamp
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We workout rain or shine. We often celebrate holidays by moving our various workout locations into a single spot called a “convergence”. The F3 Birmingham Twitter Feed is the best place to check for updates about holiday convergence workouts.

F3 Nation

We are a subregion of F3 Nation. For workout locations outside of Birmingham, Alabama, visit f3nation.com/workouts. Please read the disclaimer and notice here.

F3 was founded on January 1, 2011 in Charlotte, NC, and launched in Birmingham, AL on May 6, 2017.

You’ve read enough. Now make up your mind and set your alarm. We’ll see you in the morning.