Froggy Merlot Splash

Circle of Pain:

SSH x25

Willie Mays’s’s’s’s x15

Ray Lewis x25

Merkins x25

Raise the Roof x 25

Little Baby Arm Circles x 30


The Thang:

Mosey to front entrance of Mountain Brook Elementary for two sets of:

Dips x20

Flutter kicks x25

Sumo Squats x25


Mosey to Western Supermarket for:

Sprint to one end of the parking lot, do PAX-led merkins or jump squats. Rinse and repeat x10. Froggy splashed merlot somewhere around set #6. Quickie duck walks like a speed skater. Some guy walked-on with us for about three sets, then darted off–maybe he’ll come back.

Bear crawl half of the parking lot, then duck walk the other half. Rinse and repeat x3


Mosey back to MBE for:

Flutter kicks x20

Box cutters x20

American hammers x20

Merkins till exhaustion




Partial Lunar Eclipse @ Gloom Mountain

We witnessed some pretty cools stuff this morning at Gloom Mountain.  We saw a partial lunar eclipse from the heights of Simmons Middle School.  It was really cool and all – we were only able to enjoy it though on a couple of 10 counts during breaks from suicide runs, squerkins, burp & merks, and the like….


Side straddle hops x25

21s (21 side straddle hops in cadence where the Q four counts out loud for the first five reps, then the remaining reps up to 21 are done in cadence while all PAX silent count) We stayed in cadence but the FNG (Ginger) kept on trucking after 21.  So we all payed the penalty of 21 burpees

Ray Lewis x25

Little baby arm circles x30

Imperial squat walkers x25

The Thang:

Mosey up to Simmons Middle School for some fun:

Partnered up and completed an uphill dora with 50 reps of 4x4s (A 4×4 is when you burpee down to plank, followed by four merkins, four mountain climbers, then burpee pack to standing position for one rep)

Mosey up to top parking lot:

Suicide run

Flutter kicks x30

Suicide run

American hammers x25

Suicide run

Box cutters x25

Suicide run

Circled up and partnered up for:

Squerkins x100 (hold your partners legs while one partner is standing and the other is in decline merkin position – one rep is completed when the down partner does one merkin and the standing partner does one squat)

Burp & merk (burpee down to plank and do one merkin, burpee back to standing position, burpee back down to plank and do two merkins, bupee back to standing position and so on and so on up to nine merkins)

Mosey back to Gwin Elementary


Foggy Forum Fun For F3 Fanatics 12/29/17

14 PAX posted on Tuesday in the 60 degree gloomy fog – two days before the winter solstice.  A lot of guys were looking extra cheery this time of year.  Workout was as follows:


SSH x25

Imperial squat walkers x25

Little baby arm circles x15 (reverse it x15)

Black snake Indian run on track around the baseball fields

Mosey to tennis courts for……………


BLIMPS (acronym – see below)

Burpees x20

Lunges x30 each leg

Imperial walkers x40

Merkins x50

Plank jacks x60

Squats x70

In between each BLIMPS workout, we do a suicide run the width of the four tennis courts.

Count off into groups of four, recover and mosey to baseball field.

Home plate does 50 plank jumps

1st base does 50 WW1 sit-ups

2nd base does 50 squat jumps

3rd base does 75 merkins

Each group completes the exercise at all bases and reverse bear crawls from one base to the other in between exercises.

Mosey back to parking lot

Name-o-rama, announcements*, CoT

*Fife brought to our attention that it is probably best that we stay OFF of the baseball fields for future workouts.  The Forum has been good to us – let’s be good to it.



How much burpee could a wood chuck burpee if a wood chuck could chuck burpee?

37 PAX including 3 FNGs (Welcome Belding, Lost & Weagle) posted for a strangely warm and somewhat soggy December morning.  Solid crowd for this time of year!

Similar to The Spartan workout last week (repping on 26 counts for the number of points Auburn scored in the Iron Bowl), we repped on 28 counts for the number of points Georgia put up against Auburn in the SEC Championship.  Bulldogs exercised in celebratory fashion while the Tigers exercised for punishment.

Workout was as follows:


SSH x28

Prisoner squat x28

Fluter kick x28

Little Baby Crunch (LBC) x28


The Thang:

14 minute burpee tabata (continuous burpees for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, rinse and repeat 28 times or for 14 minutes)

One lap cooldown mosey around the park

14 minute box jump tabata – same sequence as the burpee tabata, but we mixed in dips and decline merkins on multiples of 7 (the number of points Auburn scored)



Circle up on the skate park for some core:

Flutter kicks x28

American hammers x28

Jack Webb x28 in multiples of 2


Name-o-rama, announcements & CoT

Thanksgiving Monday Blues

16 PAX posted the Monday after Thanksgiving and the IRON BOWL for a typical Slumlord BEATDOWN.  To give kudos to the Auburn win, all exercises were performed to 26 counts while resting on the 14 count.


SSH x26

Imperial Walkers x26

Mountain Climbers x26

The Thang:

One mile indian run to Western Supermarket

Burpee tabata x26 (13 minutes of burpees – 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for a total count of 26)

Flutter kicks (x26)

Parking lot sprints (x26)

Mosey back to MBE:

Circle up

Alphabet (lay on your back and extend legs straight out, spelling the 26 letters of the alphabet with your legs)

Nam-o-rama, announcements, CoT

Boot Camp in lieu of Braveheart Race

45 degrees and raining – fun stuff!  Welcome F3 New Orleans Tripleshift!


Mosey to Trinity parking lot

Side Straddle Hops (x30)

Imperial Walkers (x30)

Mountain Climbers (x30)

Mosey to Homewood Middle School football Field

The Thang:

Bear Crawl Dora – Partner up and one partner bear crawls 15 yards then turns around and bear crawls back while the other partner does big boy sit-ups.  Swap out and continue until both partners cumulatively get to 100 sit-ups.

Everyone gets on the goal line and split up into two groups.  First group bear crawls 15 yards to the flag, then second group follows.  First group duck walks back to goal line, then second group follows.  Rinse and repeat (x6)

Suicide run – Start on the goal line and sprint to the 20-yard line, jog back, sprint to 40, jog back, sprint to 60, jog back, sprint to 80, jog back, sprint the full 100.

Lineup on wall:

Dips (x20), step-ups (x20), decline merkins (x20), flutter kicks (x20)

Dips (x20), box jumps (x20), decline merkins (x20), flutter kicks (20)

Gather in the endzone for a burpee tabata (20 seconds on with 10 second rest for four minutes).

Mosey to Dawson front yard and circle up – flutter kicks (x30), then hold wide-grip plank with wide-grip plank merkins (x10).

Mosey back to The Vulcan and circle up – finish burpee waterfall in mud puddles (everyone holds plank and we go around the circle with one person doing five burpees at a time).



Soggy Bottom Monday

Warm-up with:

Side Straddle Hops (25ct)

Imperial Walkers (25ct)

Merkins (25 ct)

Indian run to MB Village:

Burpee Tabata

Flutter Kicks (25ct)

American Hammers (15ct)

Mosey to Davenport’s parking lot:

Split into two groups with first group bear crawling to the end of the parking lot, then the second group following suit.  Then the first group duck walked back to the original position with the second group following suit.  Rinse and Repeat (x8)

Mosey to Office Park:

Partner up

Dora with merkins (200ct)

Dora with big boy sit-ups (100ct)

Hill sprints

Mosey back to MBE