Brick & Block Escalators

Scene: Monday 9.30.19 0530 hrs
AO: Gloom Mountain
Count: 17
PAX: Paperboy, Headgear, Sloss, Chisel, Knots, TechDeck, Cart Boy, The Flipper, Bates, Saturn, Burger, Alamo, Happy, Fabio, Raji, Johnny, Dunlop
QIC: Dunlop

Monday, end of September, way to freaking hot for this time of year… high around 100 degrees today. 17 strong PAX slung around some blocks and bricks this morning with some light running mixed in… here’s how it all went down:


10 Donkey Kicks IC
20 LBACs forward/back
30 Merkins


PAX number off by 2s:
1s – grab bricks
2s – grab blocks

Mosey to Field / Track… Time for BRICK/BLOCK ESCALATORS

50yd Sprint down and back between each exercise

10 Brick ManMakers
20 Brick Hammers (4-count)
30 Brick Boy Sit-ups
40 Brick Raise Roofs
50 Brick Curls (Each Arm)

Plank for the 6… Mosey 1 lap around track… flapjack

10 Blockees (Block Burpee)
20 Block Bent Over Rows
30 Block Chest Press
40 Little Blockie Crunches
50 Block Goblet Squats

Hold Al Gore for the 6… Mosey 1 lap around track… Mosey back to flag to return blocks and bricks… Mosey over to benches

50 Dips
40 Step-Ups (20/leg)
30 Decline Merkins
20 Flutter Kicks IC
10 Burpees


  • Quick Word for the Day:  Lean on each other, support each other… show up to F3 for the man beside you, not for yourself.
  • Name-O-Rama
  • Announcements: 200 Tuesday on 10/1/19, Rucktoberfest 2019, Special Sunday Workout on 10/6/19 at The Stadium to host Gobbler from F3 Pittsburgh
  • Prayer
  • LEAD on 3!

The Forum – 6/26/2018 – Accountability Sprints

Warm Up 

SSH x 30 in cadence

Willie Mays x 15 in cadence

Merkins x 25

Little Baby Arm Circles x 10 front and back

LBC’s x 40

Mosey to the track

2 Lap Indian Run

1/2 group Pull ups x 15

1/2 flutter kicks during pull ups

Accountability sprints

1 PAX sprints from track to press box whole other PAX do exercises – 3 rounds

  1. Merkins
  2. Squat jumps 
  3. Big Boy sit ups
  4. Burpees
  5. Mountain climbers

Mosey to tennis courts

Sprints, Spider-Man, bounds, burpee hops, lunges, crab walk, fire drill, bear crawl

Plank to “Can’t wait to be king”

10 burpees 

2 Miles of Pain – the Forum – 5/10/2018

18 PAX hit The Forum for 2 miles of pain with Ping.

Warm Up

SSX x 30

Merkins x 20

Willie Mays x 20

Burpees x 10

One Lap Indian Run

PAX exercise at 5 points on track

  1. Pull Ups x 10
  2. Burpees x 10
  3. Merkins x 20
  4. Squats x 30
  5. LBC’s x 40

Repeat until Q calls time (3 laps today)

Plank to “Under the Sea”

Sunrise Stretch

Gloom Mountain Is Your Friend – 4/25/2018

15 PAX posted at Gloom Mountain to find that next level of work they didn’t know was in them.

Warm Up

SSH x 30

Willie Mays x 20

Michael Phelps x 15 in cadence 

Burpees x 20

Gloom Stuff

5 Lap Indian Run (1 mile)

Mosey to Gloom Mountain

PAX partner up. 1 PAX runs GM while other does exercise 

  1. Pull ups
  2. Flutter kicks
  3. LBC’s
  4. Big Boy Sit Ups
  5. Burpees

PAX bear crawl up GM then mosey back to turf 

Angle Grinder x 10

Plank to “Hakuna Matata”

Sunrise Stretch 

Partner Pain – The Forum – 4/17/2018

18 PAX posted for some partner pain with Ping

Warm Up

SSH x 30

Ray Lewis x 30

Willie Mays x 20

Merlin’s x 30

Burpees x 15


2 Lap Indian Run

Finish at press box

2 PAX partner up for workout

2 PAX run half lap from press box back to press box

Rotate runners and other PAX do exercises during runs

  1. Merkins
  2. Squats
  3. LBC’s
  4. Dips
  5. Step Ups
  6. Big Boy Sit Ups
  7. Incline Merkins 
  8. Burpees
  9. Flutter Kicks

Cool Down

Plank to “We Know The Way”

Sunrise Stretch

Burnout – Gloom Mountain – 3/21/2018

13 PAX posted for a burnout special with Ping

Warm Up
SSH x 30 in cadence
Burpees x 15
Willie Mays x 20 in cadence
Ray Lewis x 20 in cadence
Up Downs x 10

Burnout Session
5 Lap Indian Run
Merkin Burnout (50)
1 Lap Mosey
Dip Burnout (50)
1 Lap Mosey
Squat Burnout (100 with 10 second Al Gore at the end)
3 x Run up Gloom Mountain
Mosey To Turf
Little Baby Crunch Burnout (100)
Big Boy Sit Up Burnout (50)
Lunge Across Turf x 2

Plank to “The Longest Time”
Sunrise Stretch

March 1, 2018 – The Forum – The Fire Drill Hills

10 PAX made it to The Forum for a fire drill.

Warm Up
SSH x 30
Willie Mays x 20 in cadence
Ray Lewis x 15 in cadence

Run down to back of Central
Merkins x 25
American Hammer x 50
Dips x 25

Bear Crawl up small hill
Dutch Skate x 20
LBC’s x 50

Run back to bottom of Wald Park Hill
Burpees x 15
Iron Tribe Sit Ups x 20
Bear Crawl 1/4 up hill
Back Pedal 1/4 up hill
Sprint up 1/2 hill to tennis courts

Fire Drill x 10
Sprint Waterfall
Plank to “Do You Want To Build A Snowman”
Sunrise Stretch



The New Stuff – The Forum – 2/20/2018

18 PAX, including 1 FNG (Gitmo), posted at The Forum to try something new.

Warm Up
SSH x 30
Willis Mays x 20
Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 front and back
LBC’s x 40

The New Stuff
Mosey to the track

1 Lap
10 Pull Ups
10 Dips
10 x Bobby Hurley

1 Lap
10 Pull Ups
10 Dips
10 Cheerleaders

1 Lap
Burnout Pull Ups
Burnout Dips
20 E2K

1 Lap to the parking lot
20 x Captain Thor

Fire Drill x 10

Plank to “A Whole New World”

Sunrise Stretch

Perfect Pull Up – The Forum – 1/23/2018

15 PAX hit The Forum for 2.4 miles of Indian runs, pull ups, and monkey humpers.

Warm Up
SSH x 30
Little Baby Arm Circles x 15 front and back
Merkins x 20
LBC’s x 30
Willie Mays x 20

Mosey to the track
1 Lap Indian Run
10 Pull Ups
20 Dips

1 Lap Indian Run
10 Pull Ups
20 Merkins

1 Lap Indian Run
10 Pull Ups
20 Iron Tribe Sit Ups

1 Lap Indian Run
15 Pull Ups
20 Sumo Squats

1 Lap Indian Run
10 Pull Ups
10 Burpees

1 Lap Indian Run

Circle up
Howling Monkeys (PAX in circle in monkey humper position. Monkey humper waterfall for 10 monkey humpers)

Plank to “Part of Your World”


The Tenniz Court Bluez

On this nippy winter day the PAX got off to a quick start to get the blood flowing. Here’s a recap below. The temp was 28 degrees with a 5 mph wind. 78% humidity.
  • 33 Side Straddle Hop IC, 123 count
  • 33 prisoner squats IC, down-up
  • 33 LBCs OYO (little baby crunches on your own)
  • 33 Flutter Kicks IC, 123 count
  • Indian run around track 2x, ending at the tennis courts
Begin by counting off in 4s before breakup
each group to a T on one side of the 4 courts creating 8 stations.  Cocky controlled the clock and announced rotations. Intervals of workouts beginning with 20 seconds going up to 40 then 50 seconds and then back down to 40 then 20 seconds , rotating by runs around the courts to the next station upon announcement. In total, 4 rounds of this were all time allowed for.  Each individual controlled speed of workouts… But never stopped GETTING BETTER.
  • OYO merkins
  • OYO irontribe situps
  • OYO burpees
  • OYO mountain climbers

For the last round we switched up the workouts just for fun.

We then circled up for announcements and namarama. Barney Fife gave an overview of the New Year’s Convergence at Railroad Park and Slumlord gave an overview of the upcoming F3 Day. Cocky have an overview of the upcoming workouts. We ended in prayer. Men GOT BETTER.