Fishers of Men

I hate mornings, I love sleep, and I’m not too fond of groups of people. That’s what I use to tell myself. At least, until I was reluctantly introduced to F3.

I fought F3 every time it was mentioned to me, starting with this weird group of guys with painted faces in the parking lot of Oak Mountain after a mud run in 40 degree weather. I fought it from the same friend I ran with after he decided to give F3 a try. It’s the mornings. Those sweet, precious moments when you are dead asleep in a warm bed, hopefully next to a beautiful woman. I thought there was nothing better. But there is!

Now I find sleep to be the necessary ingredient needed to help me have the energy to get up in the Gloom of the morning to crawl, sweat, hurt and fellowship with my new found Brothers. That initial rise out of bed in the wee hours of the morning gets overshadowed by the excitement I find when I pull up to a parking lot filled with guys I love and respect.

So, now I find myself attempting what F3 lovingly refers to as a Headlock. But, unlike most workout groups, I don’t find myself looking for that guy that is already in shape and may want to save money with a free workout (which you do). I literally tell everyone. Because everyone needs to be part of something bigger than themselves. It is less of a workout group and more of a brotherhood. Matthew 4:19 states – Jesus said to them “Come, follow me, and I will show you how to be fishers of men” There are few places to put that message from God into practice better than F3. Don’t just invite people to F3. Tell them your story. What does F3 mean to you?

This isn’t Fight Club. The first 2 rules are NOT  “Don’t talk about F3”. Slumlord ends all of his emails with “ALWAYS BE HEADLOCKING”. So, lets do our part. We are 1,000 PAX strong. Imagine the impact we can have on our community if that number doubled or even tripled. Imagine the differences we can see in our 2.0s, our M’s that witness us attempting to better ourselves. You may not realize it, but it affects them too. Its like a spark igniting a flame. This world is in desperate need of Male leaders. I can’t imagine better leaders than men that have the discipline to do the hard thing in the gloom of the morning while also following God’s word.

Let’s go be Fishers of Men


1st Annual Alabama Dad’s Camp Pre-Blast

F3 Dads Camp @ Camp Cosby

2290 Paul Bear Bryant Rd, Alpine, AL 35015

Camp PAX, 

   We are very honored and excited that all of you chose to take a step in leadership and bring your 2.0’s to camp this year.  As of now, we have 127 attendees.  Below is an itinerary for the weekend and a list of suggested items to bring/things to think about for camp.  

Also, we had to reassign cabins due to some logistics, so please find a cabin assignment sheet at the dining hall to see your new cabin.

Please, hit Ping or Pilgrim up on Slack or email for any questions.  


Friday – Campers arrive at 5 pm and dinner from 6 pm to 7 pm.  Opening remarks/welcome address with Barney Fife & Quick 3rd F by Pyramid.  Free time & s’mores after dinner.   

Saturday – 7 am – 8 am breakfast

    After breakfast, 20-30 minute fun father 2.0 workout (very light and good bonding) Q’d by Scam.  Then an optional “scavenger hunt workout” with your 2.0’s (if time allows)   

   10 am – 1 pm – archery, BB guns, alpine tower, Cosby slide, and free time

  12:30 pm – 1:30 pm – Lunch

   1:30 pm – 5 pm – Lakefront (lake swim, the blob, lake slides, water toys, etc.). 

   5:30 pm – 6:30 pm – Dinner.  Quick 3rd F by Ping.  Free time and s’mores after dinner.  

Sunday – 7 am – 8 am breakfast. Then, closing remarks/quick 3rd F by Tinactin and campers head home. 

Here’s a list to keep in mind aside from clothes.  This list is per camper. 

  1. No alcohol 
  2. Please try and avoid bringing peanut product snacks due to unknown allergies of 2.0’s
  3. There are twin beds, so bring either sheets or a sleeping bag (due to heat, I’d advise against a sleeping bag)
  4. Shampoo & soap/toiletries
  5. Shower towel
  6. Lake towel
  7. Pillow
  8. Some snacks and waters will be provided, but bring any specific  snacks/drinks you’d like. 
  9. Flashlight 
  10. Bug spray
  11. Sunscreen 
  12. The camp has quiet hours between 10 pm to 7 am
  13. Bring cash for F3 Alabama stickers and patches (Pilgrim will have them for sale)

Pre Blast: F3 Birmingham’s New Year’s Day CONVERGENCE

Yes, “pre-blasts” are a thing.  And they are warranted on occasion. This is such an occasion.

On January 1st in the Year of our Lord two thousand eighteen at 0600 at Birmingham’s Railroad Park F3 Birmingham PAX will converge for a one hour boot camp-style workout to welcome the New Year with dauntlessness and determination.  YHC will co-Q the athletics with the esteemed Brad “Tinactin” Acton.  The setting is a 19-acre urban playground (courtesy of Brasfield & Gorrie) that is, verified by yesterday’s reconnaissance, very well-suited to F3 operations.

Photo Dec 30, 8 53 22 AM.jpg

It will be COLD, the sort of cold that many most men would not voluntarily venture into for a recreational activity.  We all know already that F3 men are not much like most men.  F3 men see self development and feel a sense of boldness when confronted with a forecast of dry ground, clear skies, 17 degrees, and a “real feel” of …4 degrees.  Yes, the air is predicted to feel like 4 degrees at 0600 on New Year’s Day.  Are we a bit crazy?  Maybe.  Have we conditioned ourselves toward a toughness that is uncommon?  Probably so.  Do we do what we do for reasons that are good for ourselves, good for those around us, and good for our fellow F3 brothers?  Absolutely.

Photo Dec 30, 8 48 15 AM

The work promises to be challenging, but the mood shall remain festive, as there is true joy in waking up in America – able to participate in such an activity.  You, the Men of F3 Birmingham, are invited to join your brothers in a triumphant way to begin your next year, in the arena, and during the first hours of light that 2018 brings to us.  If you are in town and able-bodied, post with us.  Feel resolute.  Start the year accomplished.  Be able to say “I did it”.  Enjoy your freedom.

Yours faithfully,

Barney Fife


If a man does not make new acquaintances as he advances through life, he will soon find himself left alone. A man, sir, should keep his friendship in a constant repair.

Samuel Johnson

Photo Dec 30, 8 52 23 AM.jpg