Froggy Merlot Splash

Circle of Pain:

SSH x25

Willie Mays’s’s’s’s x15

Ray Lewis x25

Merkins x25

Raise the Roof x 25

Little Baby Arm Circles x 30


The Thang:

Mosey to front entrance of Mountain Brook Elementary for two sets of:

Dips x20

Flutter kicks x25

Sumo Squats x25


Mosey to Western Supermarket for:

Sprint to one end of the parking lot, do PAX-led merkins or jump squats. Rinse and repeat x10. Froggy splashed merlot somewhere around set #6. Quickie duck walks like a speed skater. Some guy walked-on with us for about three sets, then darted off–maybe he’ll come back.

Bear crawl half of the parking lot, then duck walk the other half. Rinse and repeat x3


Mosey back to MBE for:

Flutter kicks x20

Box cutters x20

American hammers x20

Merkins till exhaustion




“Black Jack” at The Spartan

A cold, damp morning couldn’t keep 11 PAX from coming out to The Spartan for a full game of “Black Jack”.  Welcome FNG, Strike

Warm Up

Mosey Access Road to Mtn. Brook Elementary

  • Side Straddle Hops – 25
  • Dips – 25
  • Mountain Climbers (Wide Leg) – 15
  • Dips – 25

Mosey to MBE tennis courts

Black Jack

PAX line up on side of tennis court #1

  • Merkin – 1
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #2
  • Big Boy Sit Ups – 20
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #1
  • Merkin – 2
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #2
  • Big Boy Sit Ups – 19
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #1
  • Merkin – 3
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #2
  • Big Boy Sit Ups – 18
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #1
  • Merkin – 4
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #2
  • Big Boy Sit Ups – 17
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #1
  • Merkin – 5
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #2
  • Big Boy Sit Ups – 16
  • Sprint to side of tennis court #1

PAX repeated until we did 20 Merkins and 1 Big Boy Sit Up.  Add it all up, you get 210 Merkins and 210 Big Boy Sit Up.

Grand Finale

  • Helicopters – 10 right side
  • Helicopters – 10 left side

Circle up. Name o Rama. FNG. Announcements. Prayer. Lead on 3.


July 6th Church Street Shakedown

28 PAX showed up in THE GLOOM at THE VULCAN (AO) for YHC’s VQ, including five (5) FNGs.  Those answering the call included Turnbuckle, Shank, Scam, Choo-Choo, Cinco, DuBose, Schilling, Gomer, Rabbit, Romeo, Sparrow, Pickle, The Donald, Commy, Rebar, Wildfire, Gold Bond, Quickrete, Pew, Saluki, Tommy Lee, and Cocky.  FNGs (Doogie, Cowbell, Wilson, Wiregrass, & Skullbucket) were wide-eyed for the beatdown, but took the RedPill like a champ and stood tall in the end!  Wiregrass was looking for the Triathlon training group and found THE ANSWER at THE VULCAN.  Weinke was wielded and we’re off and RUNNING!


Warmups: side straddle hops x 30, squats x 30, merkins x 25, little baby crunches x 25, flutter kicks x 30, 1-mile indian run (2 lines) across creek and down “Church Street” past Trinity UMC to Dawson Baptist and back.

The Meat: All of the following done between 40 yard cones: lunge walk, frankensteins, wheelbarrow, station sprints with progressively declining number of burpees and squats at each station, starting with 10 and down to 1.  Big props to SCAM (in Chippendale) for encouraging the PAX to finish the job.  Mosey to stage.

At the Stage: Decline Merkins x 15, Dips x 15, Stepups x 20;  Rinse and repeat all three again.  The back to the SHOVELFLAG for 20 merkins.

ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Videography on Saturday, 7/8/17 (6:30am) for F3 Birmingham – need a big presence – might get your mug on The Show!

Word:  Group was encouraged to affirm someone today for something positive they are doing.  Encouragement is a great thing that can freely be given by leaders who aren’t afraid to lead!

Thanks to all men who posted today!

YHC, Hi-Viz