Thanksgiving Monday Blues

16 PAX posted the Monday after Thanksgiving and the IRON BOWL for a typical Slumlord BEATDOWN.  To give kudos to the Auburn win, all exercises were performed to 26 counts while resting on the 14 count.


SSH x26

Imperial Walkers x26

Mountain Climbers x26

The Thang:

One mile indian run to Western Supermarket

Burpee tabata x26 (13 minutes of burpees – 20 seconds on and 10 seconds off for a total count of 26)

Flutter kicks (x26)

Parking lot sprints (x26)

Mosey back to MBE:

Circle up

Alphabet (lay on your back and extend legs straight out, spelling the 26 letters of the alphabet with your legs)

Nam-o-rama, announcements, CoT

Soggy Bottom Monday

Warm-up with:

Side Straddle Hops (25ct)

Imperial Walkers (25ct)

Merkins (25 ct)

Indian run to MB Village:

Burpee Tabata

Flutter Kicks (25ct)

American Hammers (15ct)

Mosey to Davenport’s parking lot:

Split into two groups with first group bear crawling to the end of the parking lot, then the second group following suit.  Then the first group duck walked back to the original position with the second group following suit.  Rinse and Repeat (x8)

Mosey to Office Park:

Partner up

Dora with merkins (200ct)

Dora with big boy sit-ups (100ct)

Hill sprints

Mosey back to MBE


Spartan Men Fear No Rain

Photo Aug 30, 6 45 23 AM

Under threat of rain storm, F3 Spartan men welcomed YHC in force with a total of 15 PAX present including Kudzu in from F3 Jackson. These men have themselves a solid AO in Mountain Brook, AL. The PAX size was great for a little Wednesday morning deck of cards workout.

IC Imperial Walkers
IC Shoulder Rotations each way
IC Side Straddle Hop
IC Shoulder Taps
IC Bicycle Crunches
20 – SC Leg Lift Merkins

The Thang
The Rabbit led us into the Village where we setup right on one of the grassy islands of Petticoat Lane. With the shovel flag planted and the men circled up for all of the morning traffic to wonder at, we got it done…

Clubs – IC Raise the Roof
Diamonds – SC Merkins
Hearts – IC Side Straddle Hop
Spades – SC Prisoner Squats
Jokers – PAX Choice (I remember one of them…the canoe thing, followed by flutter kicks)

After 624 reps without breaks we mosey’d back to base. YHC’s original plan was to double the count on the all of the Prisoner Squats, but even pushing quickly through the deck (which we did), we were short on time.

Back at Mountain Brook Elementary School, we quietly (homes right across the street) used the brick wall to run out the clock with dips, decline merkins and pike presses.

Announcements (I can’t recall what they were…even my own announcements) were followed by Wildfire sending us off with a solid prayer. YHC did offer a few words of encouragement and advice to F3 Birmingham’s newest AO. In short: make the workouts hard, but make sure that you have fun out there too.

Thank you Spartans. I’ll be back soon.

– Fife