4th of July Vulcan Run

The 4th of July workout is always a favorite for YHC to share with his F3 brethren and the 2017 rendition was certain to be no different.  Upon arrival to The Vulcan (AO), YHC noted numerous PAX flooding the field even in spite of it being 0530hrs on a holiday.  YHC shared a few motivational words and encouraged all PAX to let this workout serve as a tribute and memorial to all those brave souls that sacrificed some or all to ensure our FREEDOM.



Squats x 30

Mountain Climbers x 20

LBCs x 30

Merkins x 30

The 4th of July is a celebration of accomplishment and independence and, thus, YHC had made plans to ensure that the PAX were able to enjoy a sense of accomplishment!  However, some groans were heard when YHC announced that we would be paying a visit this morning to The Vulcan, namesake of our AO, high atop Red Mountain.  Leaving no time for negative thoughts, AWAY WE GO!

PAX carried along a great pace out of the AO and into downtown Homewood. As we proceeded up the mountain, YHC took advantage of several prime pain stations:

Pain Station 1

Dive Bombers x 20

Flutter Kicks x 30


Pain Station 2

Wide Grip Merkins x 30

Big Boy Sit ups x 25


Pain Station 3

Dive Bombers x 20

Flutter Kicks x 30


By this time, the group of PAX had nearly summited Red Mountain but, to YHC’s dismay, the historic stairs to The Vulcan were closed for construction.  Never fear, we proceeded with quick pain station overlooking downtown Birmingham (30 decline merkins, 30 LBCs) and then circumnavigated construction fence to ascend the historic stairs to the feet of The Vulcan

On Vulcan’s pad, YHC led PAX through:

Decline Big Boy situps x 25

Leg Raises x 25

Decline Merkins x 30

LBCs x 30

SSH’s x 40

Wall step ups x 10 (each leg)

Dive Bombers x 20

Flutter Kicks x 40


We then bid farewell to The Vulcan and began our mosey back down the mountain, taking in Pain Stations along the way:

Pain Station 4

Merkins x 30

American Hammer 30sec AMRAP


Pain Station 5

Dive Bombers x 20

Flutter Kicks x 40


Pain Station 6

Diamond Grip Merkins x 20

LBCs x 40


Pain Station 7

Curb Merkins x 30

Incline Flutter Kicks x 40


PAX, by this time, had made it back to our humble AO.  And just to finish things off, YHC called for 20 Burpees (AMRAP) in honor of America!

Nice work to all of the PAX in attendance and welcome to FNG Todd Minor “GOMER”.  Everyone made it up and made it back and completed everything in between.  FINISHING is what this country stands for and that’s what you did.  AYE!